Black Leaf Vegan

Vegan Family, Food, Fun, & Friends for Health, Wealth, and Peace!

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Mission Statement
Black Leaf Vegan is a roots-driven, high powered family team dedicated to serving communities by means of providing phenomenal plant-based food, programs, and education. Our top priority is to help Humans live a healthier, wealthier, and abundant lives by providing plant-based vegan products that satisfy the mind, body and spirit.   To achieve that goal, we plan to strive to offer the tastiest  plant-based food to all.
Fall 2020 we opened up our very first food truck!
With this we desire to build a united community of Veg/Vegan Veterans, the Veg-Curious, the Part Timers, and the Newly Veg around our friendly food truck that offers love and respect for all types, creeds, lifestyles, or hues.  ALL are welcomed at the Black Leaf! 
Help us complete this journey and help us make, at least someone’s, world a much better place.


Q Are we a Plant-Based Vegan Food Truck?

Yes. All of our products are plant-based, environmentally, and animal friendly