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We educate, advocate and campaign for farm and companion animals. We provide education sessions to students in schools and at Brightside.

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Brightside Farm Sanctuary offers a permanent home to over 250 farm animals and companion animals. We rescue and rehome 300 to 500 animals each year, placing them in approved loving homes. The thing that strikes people when they arrive at Brightside Farm Sanctuary is the harmonious way all the animals interact with each other. It may be a rescued battery hen perching on one of the rescued greyhounds, or a duck patiently standing on Fudge the pig’s back waiting for a bit of her grain.

Brightside is the first of its kind in Tasmania we have an extensive education program and have spoken to approximately 30,000 students on animal rights, factory farming and animal welfare. We offer students and adults a unique opportunity to both meet and enjoy the company of farm animals. It might be simply giving a pig a belly rub or seeing cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and other farm animals expressing natural behaviour in natural surroundings. The animals are able to wander in the paddocks stretching their wings, grazing or rooting the ground expressing their individual personalities and interacting with each other as they would in a Brightside is set in the beautiful Huon Valley of Tasmania on 50 acres. There are four dams that are home to platypus and wild duck and regularly attract swan and a local pair of Wedge Tail Eagles. At night we are inundated with wildlife. The long term plan is to regenerate the native vegetation with local species and this project is underway. Brightside has rescued and rehomed thousands of animals as well as giving many animals a loving and safe home for life.

Brightside campaigns have been an integral part of the banning of sow stalls in Tasmania, the banning of greyhound hurdle racing and the recent announcement to phase out of Battery hen farming here in Tasmania. natural environment.