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Healing and Caring for Rescued Animals:

Rooterville was inspired by farm animals in need, like Stella, and founded on a singular principle: Compassion. We believe true happiness, a better world, and recognition of our religious ideals require compassion and mercy for animals, our fellow people, the world we need to live in, and, most importantly, ourselves!

Our majestic Rooterville Sanctuary is home to over 300 rescued farm animals, each of whom came from harrowing backgrounds and narrowly escaped the lives of torment then slaughter that are so common to many farm animals today. Their stories are stories of abuse, neglect, abandonment, cruelty…and then, a second chance.


Rooterville Sanctuary is dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected, and desperate farm animals all over the United States. Some we are able to bring to our growing sanctuary. Some we are able to save through helping spread the word about what each of us can do to help.


Our vision is a world free of cruelty, where compassion and kindness form the foundation of how each of us treats one another.

Educating Visitors:

After rescuing so many unwanted animals and experiencing the deplorable conditions found in “factory farms,” we at Rooterville have adopted a way of life that encourages people to live a compassionate lifestyle by choosing a healthy, plant-based diet.

Our History:

Rooterville was founded by Elaine West in 2004 to care for the many unwanted, abandoned and abused pot-bellied pigs in need of a safe and loving home. Unfortunately, most animal control agencies or Humane Societies will not take in unwanted pet pigs, so many of these former pets end up meeting a gruesome fate simply because no one is there to help.

Since our humble beginnings, Rooterville A Sanctuary has grown from 5 to over 30 acres and provides rescue, care, and a permanent home for hundreds of rescued farm animals of all types.

Our Future Plans:

Because there are so many animals that need help, we are quickly outgrowing our 30 acre sanctuary. To expand our capabilities and caring, we are currently looking for additional acreage in the Orlando, Florida area. Our expansion plans call for a new location capable of housing a minimum of a 100 acre sanctuary, an educational building, a plant-based restaurant, and bed and breakfast. If you, your company, or foundation are in a position to help with this important expansion, please contact Elaine West at: 386.661.2287.

Support our work and save more animals!

Also, please consider volunteering your time or any of the items on our Wish List. See how you, your group, church, or company can get involved in sustaining the lives of our wonderful animals.