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About the founder

Dharmada Kerstin Knuepfer


I became a vegetarian at the age of six when I saw a documentary about a slaughterhouse on TV. I had a lot of fights with my parents because of my new vegetarian diet. But my willpower has always been strong.

In my 30s I moved with my own horse to a vegetarian farm with sheep, goats, chicken, other horses, cats and dogs. I wanted to fulfil my dream of living in peace with farm animals while exploiting them “only a little bit”. I learned how to milk animals and felt great as a farmer in the beginning but after a few seasons I realized that we always had one problem in spring and another one in autumn.

In spring we had to separate the mother sheep/goats from their babies or else they would drink all the milk. In autumn we had to get rid of the grown ups and “useless” male sheep and goats. It was very difficult to find a place to which to send them so that they would not get slaughtered. After a few years I realized that my demand for their milk caused a lot of suffering to them and that vegetarianism does not help farm animals at all. As a result of this realization, I gradually reduced my consumption of all animal products. In 2010, I became fully vegan.

I grew into a strong animal rights activist, a speaker in India and Austria in schools and organizations and a vegan writer (my book is not yet finished). I volunteered for some months at “The Gentle Barn California” near Los Angeles/USA in the cow area and volunteered two times at “Animal Aid Unlimited” in India, an animal hospital where I also worked in the cow area. At the moment I volunteer every Saturday at “Lamaste.” Based in a village near Vienna, “Lamaste” is a vegan farm for lamas and other farm animals.

As a multitalented person, I have created a website based on my skills as a graphic designer in the marketing department and on my knowledge of farm animals as a volunteer in sanctuaries.

This website features and promotes Vegan Sanctuaries and vegan businesses.

Love for all!



Watch my video about my volunteer-work in India: