Add your listing very easy

1. You don’t need to login or create an new account – just start uploading!

Click on the homepage in the right corner on “+Add Listing”.

It is not necessary to click on Log in when you start.

1Add listing

2. Type your text and upload your pictures!

Just fill out the forms and read the instructions, you will be guided automatically through the form.
Don’t forget pictures in 11.1 for the gallery and another picture in 11.2 for featured image search.

2Add listing

3. Create an account with your e-mail adress and preview your listing

Give us your e-mail adress, an username and agree to Terms and Conditions. Then click on “Save and Preview”

3Add listing

4. Edit text and pictures according to your preferences.

If you want to change your text and pictures you can do that.

You can do that also later, when the admin has approved your account and you got received your automatically created password. More instructions for Editing your listing your can find here:

Continue with step 2

4Add listing

5. Please wait for an e-mail from

Please give us at least 24 hours time to send you an approval e-mail with your password. We check every single listing personally to make sure, that everything is filled out correctly and that no non-vegan listings or unappropriate listings go online.

Thank you very much for your listing and for making this planet more vegan!