You are very welcome to do so.

We appreciate that very much. The website can only grow very big if all who visit this site add content taken from their area(s) of expertise or from other sites that they have already visited. When you wish to add a business/ service/ sanctuary or an organization, please make sure that it identifies itself as vegan.

If any businesses/ services/ sanctuaries/ organizations describe themselves only as “almost” or “nearly” vegan (say 90 % vegan), please do not list them. As the internet already offers many platforms for vegetarian and vegan-friendly listings, our focus on exclusively vegan options makes our site stand out as special.

You’re in the right place!

We launched Vegan Paradise in April 2018, in order to provide a database of vegan listings that include everything except restaurants. We’re uploading new content all the time, so please keep checking in to see what’s new. Better yet, help us grow by sharing your knowledge with other vegans around the world. It’s 100 % free for you – just upload your content and choose the “free” plan. Make sure any organization you add identifies itself as 100% vegan.

Only the life experiences of people make the listings really very interesting. Please leave a review on the listing.

No dairy, no animal milk, no leather, no silk, no cheese, no yoghurt, no butter, no ghee, no gelatin, no wool, no honey: nothing that comes from an animal but everything that comes from plants, minerals and funguses.

We are sorry that we do not and cannot list anything vegetarian or nearly vegan. Please come back when your service/business/accommodation/organization is 100 % Vegan.

You can ether make a second new listing, that allows you to use different pictures and emphasis on different aspects of your business or
you can choose two or more different categories on the listing site under “+ add listing”