Which Category do I belong to?

The term “vegan” can be replaced in this directory by the expression “plant-based,” if it means 100 % plant-based

icon 2120149 1280Vegan Accommodations

  • vegan hotels
  • vegan guesthouses
  • vegan private BnB
  • vegan dormitories
  • Airbnb in vegan houses/apartment
  • couch surfing in a vegan house/apartment


Business logo Vegan Businesses/Services/Shops

  • vegan freelancers: writers, graphic designers, IT-specialists, computer-experts
  • vegan businesses: hairdressers, Beauty-salons, food suppliers
  • vegan organic farms: veganic farming, organic farming
  • vegan boutiques
  • vegan shoe shops
  • vegan fashion
  • vegan health stores
  • vegan groceries
  • vegan directories
  • vegan information websites
  • vegan blogs


FarmAnimals Logo 1 Vegan Farm Animal Sanctuaries

  • Only sanctuaries with a majority of farm animals. No wildlife, dog and cat rescue sanctuaries because they have to be fed with meat from farm animals.


caduceus 30591 1280Vegan Healthcare

  • vegan massage-therapists: Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Swedish
  • vegan alternative doctors: ayurvedic doctors, Chinese medicine
  • vegan doctors
  • vegan nutritionists
  • vegan dentists
  • vegan Yoga and meditation techniques
  • vegan Wellnes centers
  • vegan Fitness studios or trainers
  • vegan personal trainers
  • vegan sound healing therapists

Organisations  Vegan Nonprofit Organisations

  • All nonprofit organisations must have a physical meeting place. A website that offers only information is not enough to quailify for this category, vegan websites with information go under the category “Vegan Businesses, Shops, Service
  • registered vegan animal rights organizations
  • registered vegan health centered organization
  • registered vegan environment organizations
  • registered vegan spiritual organizations
  • registered vegan religious organizations
  • Vegan Blogs don’t qualify for this category, they go under Business and SERVICE


Two or more categories:

  • For example, for a sanctuary with guest rooms, you should list it under two separate labels: “Vegan Farm Animal Sanctuary” and “Vegan Accommodation”. If you don’t want to do all the work twice just send an e-mail to dharmada@veganparadise.org and she will do it for you and then you can edit it.