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Cocos Cosmetics

Eco-friendly vegan and natural organic handmade skin care beauty Brand.

mapMarkerGrey L A, California, USA...

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Recently Uploaded Vegan Farm Animal Sanctuaries

Farm Animal Sanctuary

Sanctuary Animal Assisted Therapy

Connecting Humans, Animals and Plants with the goal of Healing, Building Compassion

mapMarkerGrey GPS 27662 Rolling Hills Road, ...

Little Green Pigeon

A retired R. V. N. helping local wild birds from her Staffordshire home

mapMarkerGrey Norton Bridge, Stone, England,...

Welfare for Animals in Goa

We help 2 eliminate suffering caused to stray dogs,cats,cows & other animals in need by sterilizing,

mapMarkerGrey 1198, Mulga Vaddo Siolim, Goa,...

Recently Uploaded Vegan Bed and Breakfast and Communities

Vegan BnB (B&B) and Accommodation Listings

Crotchet Barn Vegan Holiday Cottage

A vegan dog friendly holiday cottage in the heart of the Somerset Levels

mapMarkerGrey Dark Lane Stoke St Gregory Som...

Asante Gardens

Permaculture farm and Intentional community on the Big Island of Hawaii

mapMarkerGrey Puna district hawai...


Fruitarian community, eco-village, and fruit forest in Costa-Rica

mapMarkerGrey no name 7304 Cahuita, Limón Pr...

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Recently Uploaded Vegan Healthcare Listings

Vegan Healthcare Listings

Vegan Personal Trainer

Vegan Nutrition, Fitness and Personal Training

mapMarkerGrey 78 Avonleigh Road, Bedminster,...

Priyanka Sekhar

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

mapMarkerGrey Oakville, Ontario, L6H 0H3 Can...

Recently Uploaded Vegan Organization Listings

Vegan Organization listings

Our Planet Theirs Too

Promoting a new vision for all life on Planet Earth

mapMarkerGrey 200 S. Barrington Ave. #49622 ...


We campaign for animals and help people go vegan

mapMarkerGrey 8 York Court, Wilder Street Br...

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