Sneha’s Care

Protecting community dogs and animals from all forms of abuse.

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Sneha’s Care is a non-profit organization established in 2015 in the Lalitpur district of Nepal. Sneha’s care is committed to creating a society where all animals are treated humanely. Protecting community dogs and animals from all forms of abuse, cruelty, and torture is the main focus of the work. In order for this to happen, Sneha’s care could not limit its program to saving animals and providing for their medical requirements. Sneha’s Care started various projects for the welfare of animals and community dogs to stop animal cruelty. In order to create rigorous animal welfare policies, we promote animal welfare and work with government agencies and other organizations with similar visions. We believe that ending all forms of animal exploitation should be a goal for every individual, organization, and government.

What we do:

  • Dog Population Management
  • Farm Animal WelfareThe government of Nepal’s major priorities for self-sufficiency in the sector of livestock farming are its commercialization and an increase in animal numbers. As a result of the numerous grants and subsidies provided by governmental organizations, the growth in the number of these industries is evident. Due to a lack of enforceable industry norms, animal welfare issues are largely ignored in this sector.Sneha’s Care is collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development in order to create animal welfare standards for the livestock industry and implement them through multi-stakeholder partnerships. This program also focuses on a farm animal welfare certification scheme, which incorporates many elements of ethical animal welfare standards. Sneha’s Care had filed and won two cases in Supreme Court related to animal welfare in 2074(2017) and 2076(2019).
  • Ban Live Animal Transportation

    Through training and workshops, Sneha’s Care seeks to promote plant-based diets among people. Since 2017, we started to promote veganism in Nepal. The purpose behind this program is to protect the animals, improve the environment, and boost human health. It is undeniable that consuming meat and dairy products increase the risk of health problems like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, food poisoning, etc. We inform individuals that compared to animal goods, plant-based meals are more nutrient-dense and healthier. The growing consumption and usage of animal products have led to an increase in animal cruelty. Therefore, the goal of these workshops is to help build a world that is more compassionate and just for all living beings.We collaborate with different community groups, women groups, clubs, schools, etc. to organize workshops and events like Vegan Festival(VegFest)to promote veganism.

  • Advocacy & Campaign

    Our Mission

    Sneha’s Care advances the vision to build a humane community that promotes compassion through the humane treatment of animals, humane education, and community service. Our mission has always been to rescue animals by giving them the life they deserve and by the fact we know that we are making a difference in the lives of sick, wounded, and abandoned animals.

    Our Vision

    “We envision a world where all animals are free from cruelty and animal protection is a universal goal.”

    Our vision comes from our view that every life is worth genuine concern. Our approach is simple. By giving quality pet food, medical equipment, treatment, and other resources to assist these creatures to recover their life and find their forever family, we aim for the better life of animals in shelters. Every day we live through our mission. All the individuals working in the organization share the same goal, who want to save lives, are devoted to working with compassion and care. We are dedicated to providing it to our animals as courageous protectors of our world.

    Our Objectives

    • To strengthen the animal protection movement and advocate for the introduction of animal welfare law in Nepal.
    • To preserve the human-animal bond and educate, inspire and empower people to promote compassion for animals.
    • To end animal suffering through compassionate action and enforce the best standards of care for all animals.
    • To develop and promotes animal welfare research initiatives and ethical animal standards that will support in improving the welfare of animals.