Whole Food, Plant-Based Education

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About GingerKale

GingerKale is an online platform for learning about a Whole Food, Plant-Based diet and the how and why of it. Most people choose to go plant-based for:

  • environmental reasons
  • health reasons
  • animal welfare reasons

When people transition to a Whole Food, Plant-Based diet, it can be a little challenging for a variety of reasons. This lifestyle requires a different way of shopping and cooking, and it will also likely cause some resistance in the people around you. Hence, we have built GingerKale to be a supporting network to learn and grow.

About the founder

GingerKale is an initiative by Darren, a vegan for almost 10 years now and a graduate of Dr. Campbell’s Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program.

“I got inspired by the clear evidence showing that there are many benefits to gain by eating whole plant foods. It was the science that opened my eyes. The simplicity and the logic behind the science are so clear: Plant foods in their purest form offer the best nutrition for the human body. This simplicity is something I come back to whenever I get lost in all the information that is out there. My main inspiration has come from four doctors and scientists. This website is a dedication to the work, insights, and efforts of Dr. Greger, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. McDougall, and Dr. Campbell.“