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We launched Vegan Paradise in April 2018, in order to provide a database of vegan listings that include everything except restaurants. We’re uploading new content all the time, so please keep checking in to see what’s new. Better yet, help us grow by sharing your knowledge with other vegans around the world. It’s 100 % free for you – just upload your content and choose the “free” plan. Make sure any organization you add identifies itself as 100% vegan.

You know a vegan business/ service/ sanctuary/ organization that you do not own or work for but want to add it:

You are very welcome to do so. We appreciate that very much. The website can only grow very big if all who visit this site add content taken from their area(s) of expertise or from other sites that they have already visited. When you wish to add a business/ service/ sanctuary or an organization, please make sure that it identifies itself as vegan.

If any businesses/ services/ sanctuaries/ organizations describe themselves only as “almost” or “nearly” vegan (say 90 % vegan), please do not list them. As the internet already offers many platforms for vegetarian and vegan-friendly listings, our focus on exclusively vegan options makes our site stand out as special.

You run or own a vegan business/ service/ sanctuary/ organization or work for one:

First, choose your country or state in the “search area,” and then check if your business/ service/ sanctuary/ organization is already listed.

-> If yes, then, click “Claim Now.” You will be guided through the next steps automatically. It is 100 % free for you!

-> If it is not yet listed, then just click “Add” and list it. But don’t forget to click “Claim Now” afterwards. You will be guided through the next steps automatically. It is 100 % free for you!

How vegan must a business/ service/sanctuary/organization be?

We are committed only to hosting listings that claim to be 100% vegan. The philosophy of the organisation should promote veganism and the business/ organisation owner should also be a vegan. However, as we are not the “vegan police,” we cannot always confirm any listing’s claims to complete veganism.

What does 100 % vegan mean?

It means that the business/ service/ sanctuary/ organization does not consciously buy/eat/consume/wear/use anything that contains meat, dairy, eggs, honey or, simply put, exploit animals.

We are aware that, strictly speaking, no business/ service/ sanctuary/ organization can be 100 % vegan because we cannot always avoid hurting sentient life (say, when we walk on the grass or when we drive a car made with materials that have harmed animals, or when we buy grain whose harvesting also harms animals, or when we feed a non-vegan pet). Veganism is about the choices we consciously make not to exploit sentient life.

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