Allied Scholars for Animal Protection

Defend animals. Change starts on your campus.

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The Allied Scholars for Animal Protection exists to make this world a better place for human and nonhuman animals!

We support students, animal advocates, environmentalists, healthcare professionals, and whoever else wants to join our important cause.

ASAP is the wellspring of a massive cultural change to come over the next generation.

ASAP focuses on both short term (1-5 years) and long term (20-30 years) changes.

By providing a unified infrastructure, ASAP ensures
for the first time that there is a strong, effective, sustained, and
united effort to end animal oppression

on campuses across the country.

The students we train and mentor will become the next generation of industry leaders in health, medicine, journalism, the environmental sciences, business, academia, government, law, and the nonprofit world.

Education & Empowerment

We bring animal advocacy education to different academic settings:

  • Education about plant-based diet to healthcare professionals and students

  • Animal law and protection presentations for law schools

  • Alternatives to animal testing seminars and resources for research centers and biological/medical schools

  • Lectures on the economy and growth of plant-based foods for business schools

  • Lectures on legislation and policy making regarding alternatives to animal testing or changing the food system for political sciences majors

  • Lectures on bioethics


We help students to maintain a continuous presence of animal advocacy on campuses and effectively promote veganism.

  • Help set up outreach events on campus

  • Train students to be effective in advocating veganism

  • Organize workshops exploring common objections to veganism and how to counter them

Vegan-friendly Campuses

Check out our petition for the University of Texas at Austin.

At the Allied Scholars for Animal Protection, we:

  • Help research and document the food served at university dining halls, clinics, and hospitals

  • Organize educational seminars for healthcare professionals.

  • Connect dining halls with other nonprofit specialized in plant-based dining that will train and guide dining halls to go plant-based

  • Provide recourses for athletes and students using posters, educational seminars and providing free access to a plant-based fitness coach and a plant-based certified dietician

Other Initiatives

We see great potential in universities and students to make meaningful and long-lasting change, and the change we want to see in the society starts in universities.

With added guidance from ASAP, students can quickly get up to speed on how to create change at their universities, get the student body on board for creating a better food system and continue creating change beyond their college careers.

At ASAP, we:

  • Research and find active animal advocacy student organizations

  • Help student organizations to find new and active members!

  • Help student organizations to stay active throughout the year

  • Use evidence-based and scientific interventions to equip students with everything they need to make their campus more sustainable

  • Provide prominent speakers and professionals to educate animal advocates and others on issues related to animal advocacy, plant-based nutrition, environmental protection, and sustainability

  • Provide students with scholarships

  • Help students to find impactful careers after graduation

  • Provide an open-source and universal database of petitions, posters, and other materials needed by animal advocates to perform effectively

  • Provide mentorship and support for healthcare professionals and anyone who wants to protect animals!