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We help businesses thrive by design.

Bonfilio Design specializes in developing creative, concept-driven communication design solutions for your company’s

We’re a boutique design agency that provides creative services for established and entrepreneurial brands, businesses, and nonprofits. Merging an expertise in graphic design, problem solving and strategic marketing with a long-term sustainable approach, we create impactful visual communications that inspire people to engage.

Bonfilio Design launched and operated from a small studio in the heart of NYC’s Union Square district, designing logos and promotional materials for various small to mid-sized companies. The studio went on to create the NYC 2000 logo for the City of New York, and branded the Millennium Celebrations that occurred throughout the year – including the famed New Year’s Celebration in Times Square. In 2002 we moved to midtown as we expanded our services to include packaging and digital design, drawing in clients from a variety of industries. Since then our work has adorned products and promotional materials for many well-known brands and organizations. As technology developed, the need for a brick and mortar office in NYC diminished, and in 2011 we became a completely remote agency, enabling us to pass our overhead savings on to our clients.

Over the years, we’ve developed a large network of resources which allows us to be extremely nimble and even more cost efficient as we’re able to scale up to undertake large, comprehensive projects when necessary.

Since childhood, sisters Delia and Selena have been passionate about two things: animals and art. The evolution and culmination of these passions have led them to become vegan graphic designers.

As young adults, Delia and Selena’s love for animals went to a new level when Selena began her transition to a cruelty-free lifestyle in 2002. Delia soon followed in her footsteps and the two became active advocates attending protests, volunteering, and going on a few animal rescue missions. One of those missions was to Houma, Louisiana in 2005, to help care for the rescued animals after Hurricane Katrina.

By 2013 they both became vegan and their advocacy work centered around donating professional expertise to animal welfare organizations, inspiring others to become vegan, and shifting their business focus.

Naturally, our cruelty-free and environmentally conscious mindset has influenced our business tremendously. We are fiercely passionate about supporting brands and organizations that promote a cruelty-free, environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Our goal is to use our expertise to help elevate ethical brands and organizations that have a similar ethos so they may thrive and grow exponentially.

“Our committee is absolutely overjoyed with all the work Bonfilio has done for us. Delia listened to our needs, educated herself about the subject matter and guided us in the rebranding with professionalism. The beautiful logo, our smartly designed and functional website, our eye-catching marketing materials and signage, the social media strategy and execution – all of it was off the charts. Since 2016, our festival has grown tremendously and we continue to use the visual language she developed for us.” – Karen Clark, Creative Director, Santa Barbara Sea Glass & Ocean Arts Festival

“A lifesaver for my new business. From our initial consultation to every interaction in between, I am extremely satisfied with the level of service we’ve received. Delia masterfully balances a no-nonsense approach to marketing strategy with tact and graciousness. She approaches every assignment with keen attention to detail, and delivers top-notch quality work as a result. Whether you need a sharp pair of eyes to assess your marketing plan or a talented designer to enhance your brand, I highly recommend Bonfilio Design.” – Jeshanah NaraBemi, Founder, Vegan Casa Coqui

“Not only a class act, they are compassionate people who brings that vision into their excellent design. Our world is a better place due to their contributions for social causes. We highly recommend them!” – Eileen Weintraub, Founder at Help Animals India