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Viva Rescue

A Horse Sanctuary Southern California. Viva Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue and sanctuary in Temecula, Southern California that focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of equines and farm animals in Southern California. Viva Rescue aims to create a more compassionate world through sustainable solutions to global animal related issues.

How to donate: Venmo: @vivarescuedonations


Animal emergency hotline

No matter the time, the emergency or the species you can text our hotline at  612-207-2202 and our team will assist in any way possible.


Natural disaster rescue and response

Viva provides natural disaster rescue and relief within Southern California. On average our teams assist and rescue anywhere from 800-1,200 large animals per year in fires, earthquakes, and mudslides.


Pet assistance

Viva provides pet assistance to low income neighborhoods and communities with feed, veterinary care, pet supplies, education and more to ensure the well being of pets all throughout California.


Horse sanctuary 

Viva provides permanent sanctuary to horses from abuse cases, neglect seizures, slaughter bound horses, wild horses and more!

Viva horse residents are given state of the art care. We not only provide our horses with food, water, and shelter, but so much more. Our horses are offered 30+ innovative holistic care modalities such as massage therapy, reiki, PEMF therapy, laser therapy, sound baths, live music, and more.

Wild mustang program

Viva has a small but growing wild mustang program where we take at risk mustangs and give them a new lease on life. Whether that means adoption or permanent sanctuary is dependent  on the best interest of the horse. 


Pet adoption

Viva has a pet adoption program for cats, dogs and horses. If interested you can email us at for more information!


Our Mission

Viva Rescue is an animal rescue and sanctuary that aims to create a more compassionate world through sustainable solutions to global animal related issues. 

Home to horses, cats, chickens, and farm animals!

Animals coming from  abuse, neglect, or slaughter-bound situations are able to find their forever home at The Viva Sanctuary. Viva is a safe haven, a home for all creatures to live their best lives at. Residents at Viva receive state of the art care, amongst 30+ types of holistic therapies and rehabilitation techniques to best aid in their mental and physical healing. Massage therapy, red light therapy and music therapy are just a few of the many incredible holistic healing modalities used at Viva.

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Animal heaven! Best rescue ever!

Viva Rescue Is run by two women whose lives are dedicated to the well being of all of their animals. They rescue horses, goats, chickens, and more from abuse, neglect, slaughter, hoarding cases, shelters, etc. I have seen first hand the care they provide their animals with and they literally give their animals everything you could ever imagine! Their animals get chiropractor care, many therapies, and massages… I’m never not amazed at the high quality care given. Viva Rescue deserves so much more funding and I really hope the word can get out about them. They are doing incredible work and deserve all the support in the world!!!! Woohoo Viva Rescue and team! 🙂

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