Jain Vegans

Helping jains transition towards a low-himsa lifestyle

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Jain Vegan Organization in England

About Jain Vegans

Jain Vegans is a community of individuals who organise and participate in initiatives to help the Jain community transition towards a low-himsa vegan lifestyle.

Jain Vegans e-group

An international forum for members of the worldwide Jain community to discuss topics related to the vegan lifestyle, and share information about worldwide vegan events.


Jain Vegans Working Group (JVWG)

A UK-based group of six individuals working voluntarily to empower UK-based Jain communities and organisations to make the transition from vegetarian to vegan.  JVWG works with UK-based Jain communities and organisations to deliver educational and informative presentations and information stalls.  It also organises its own educational and social vegan events for the UK-based Jain community.

Current services:



An occasional newsletter with information, news and events.

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WhatsApp Group


An active support group with over 50 members, mainly from the UK.

Aimed at supporting members of the Jain community transition to and live a vegan lifestyle.  Moderated to ensure posts are vegan related.

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Email Forum

E-mail Forum

Email group with over 200 international members, mostly UK/Europe, North America and India.

Moderated to ensure posts are vegan related.

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Previous activities:

From 2008 to 2018, the Jain Vegans team also took an active role in helping educating the wider Jain community about the importance of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, mainly in the UK. Activities during this period included:

  • Running an annual “give up dairy for Paryushan” campaign
  • Educational talks and events, often in collaboration with Jain community organisations
  • Running information and food taster stalls at community events
  • Cookery demonstrations