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Our aim is to make life a little bit sweeter.

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Online Vegan Shop

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Goodness Goodies is an online shop whose aim is to make life a little bit sweeter and deliver delights for people with allergies, vegetarians and vegans.

We also have a growing range of eco living products.

All of our products are vegan and sustainable.

What’s Goodness Goodies all about?


So what’s it all about? A little question with a big answer.

Goodness Goodies started as a retail food business – based on the idea that making choices about food is important to many of us for ethical, religious and health reasons. Recognising that providing choice allows people to act with responsibility.

For Goodness Goodies, food was just a starting point – we’ve started to sell a growing range of carefully selected eco living items that meet our needs and values and I hope yours too. These values run through the products we chose to sell:

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  • Make ethical choices – we want to provide everyday products that allow you to make ethical choices.
  • Avoid waste and single use plastic where possible – while it’s not yet always possible, let’s make the choices we can and try to avoid waste and single use plastic.
  • Live sustainably, live and work local – if Covid-19 has shown us anything it’s the value of our local communities.
  • Protect the environment on which we all depend – no one is an island to themselves we are all interdependent and should be aware of our impacts.

Come with us on our journey, helping you to make small changes and a big difference.

Eco living

Ethical living products including plastic free and zero waste cleaning products, vegan health and beauty as well as our existing range of vegetarian, vegan and allergy free products/sweets.

Allergy friendly sweets and treats

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We all want to help our children grow up strong and healthy by giving them the best we can. This includes the occasional treat. You won’t be disappointed with the range of sweets and treats we have.

Vegetarians and vegans

Our sweets and jellies are not made using any animal based gelatin. Enjoy the wide range of vegetarian jellies, vegan marshmallows and sweets on offer.

Allergies and intolerance’s

If you have a dairy intolerance and or following a vegan diet, we have a range of dairy free chocolate that won’t disappoint.

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