Comme Avant

Consume less and better

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Organic cosmetics and clothing

Vegan and Cruelty free

Comme Avant is an unconventional company and a human adventure, both imperfect, participating at its own level to an ecological transition. We produce what seems essential to us by removing anything unnecessary and focusing on what’s fundamental.

Independent, we feel free to go against the flow, focusing on the environment before profit.

Our effective cosmetics and sustainable clothing are handmade in our own manufacturing workshop. In full transparency and without any taboos, we continuously improve our products and reduce our waste.

A philosophy of consuming less and better, thought for our planet and future generations.

Natural cosmetics

We make natural cosmetics with very clear and concise ingredient lists to guarantee safe products for your skin and the environment.

We use traditional methods, only a small amount of products is made each day. No preservatives, colourants, or perfumes are added to our cosmetics. We focus on what is essential to make them efficient.

Ethical clothing

Every day, we create textile garments using organic linen and organic cotton. The conception and manufacturing are done by hand in our workshop. There is no delocalisation, we wish to keep it local. Our end products are then tested in a lab to ensure their quality.

We have chosen GOTS-certified fabrics to make ethical and sustainable clothing. An international certification which checks that the fabrics, the producer up until the end product, follow strict social and environmental regulations.

A family-run business close to you

Our small team is family-run. We were four at the start and today we are over fifty making our cosmetics and clothing, answering your messages, preparing and sending your orders.

We are proud to offer natural, safe, and zero waste products. We put our efforts into offering sustainable and efficient alternatives.

But our ideas go beyond our products, the whole company aspire to the same values of consuming less and better, for our well being and the planet’s.

We want to continue offering you new ideas to change your daily life and help you in your ecological transition.