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ETHICAL (Vegan + Fair Trade) + HEALTHY (Natural + Safe Colors) + SUSTAINABLE + Made in EU LUXURY Since 2010

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Dear Friend!

Welcome to our family of compassionate, forward thinking people who care about their health, like to be spoiled and expect the best quality items filled only with positive energy!
BeeZee EcoLand is an ethical, health-oriented lifestyle brand created to help provide informed people with a broad line of holistically appealing products, consistent with their:

• Social values
• Demand for style
• Health orientation

Your fashion choices, just like your food choices, can make this world – your world – a better place; BeeZee EcoLand’s mission is to enable you to make the choices you want to, without compromising! We offer help with your search for ethical & healthy fashion, toys, jewelry & items for home that are: organic, sustainable, fair trade, human, animal & nature friendly, locally made, cruelty free – vegan friendly, and minimize impact on our planet.

The BeeZee EcoLand team is focused and versatile, and we offer truly personalized service where what YOU and your family are looking for come first.

A major part of our philosophy is also “think globally, act locally.” Based in small-but-wonderfully diverse-and-green Slovenia, we aim to support the rebuilding of the country’s textile industry, which suffered greatly during the recent recession and also as a result of heavy outsourcing. Our employees and business partners have loads of experience manufacturing high-end garments and textiles, and we aim to bring these incredible talents to our customers.

The whole team is excited to be part of our project to unite ethics, fashion and health, and to make these items with love in a healthy, creative and cozy environment with fair wages for the team. We also offer FREE BESPOKE services: if desired, we can tailor garments and items by customer, create illustrations of your choice & even welcome your own design input!

Thank you in advance for your trust and we look forward to hearing from you!

Bianca and YOUR BeeZee EcoLand team

Our Cornerstones:

• Certified HEALTHY (organic, natural, free from harmful chemicals)
Our skin is our biggest organ, and whatever we put on our skin is absorbed into the blood stream within 6 minutes. Your health is our priority so we use textiles and materials that are not treated with harmful chemicals. All our raw materials carry the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification and fair trade certificates. Our suppliers have won international awards for sustainability and for contributions to global ethical fashion awareness – just like ourselves! We utilize exclusively 100% natural, non-chemically treated, fair trade organic cotton, linen, hemp and cultivated bamboo fabrics.

• Certified FAIR TRADE
We understand you do not want to enable modern day slavery. We all know that many commercial products are made in 3rd world countries where people are woefully under paid, work in dangerous conditions and where even child labour is sometimes part of production. BeeZee EcoLand production is the opposite of that. We source our materials from England, Italy, Spain, and Slovenia, and our products are manufactured by experienced seamstresses in Slovenia.

• Internationally awarded DESIGN
Design is a passion for the BeeZee EcoLand team. We believe that sustainability and top quality design are meant to be together. We are inspired by a mix of historical period looks from a broad geographic range, fused with elements from nature, and framed by modern, forward thinking fashion and product development. We love a romantic, modern Californian boho style just as much as clean northern European influences; we are equally at home with traditional design elements of local Slovenia and central Europe that have been influenced by Italy, Germany, Croatia, Austria and Hungary over thousands of years. Our main designers are also inspired by both historical and contemporary British fashion waves. Our passion shows in our compelling design and our awards.

Being smaller DOES have advantages. We can focus on you. We can change an illustration to exactly what you want, print unique names on our products, change short sleeves to long sleeves (and vice-versa), make dresses shorter or longer, or make bedding that will perfectly fit your bed. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and invite you to contact us with your creative ideas and inspiration. If you cannot find something in our online shop – we can very likely still make it for you anyways. All we need is some additional time and your patience.

In addition to social responsibility and healthy fabrics, we care about our CO2 imprint, minimizing water consumption and transportation and do everything we can to think and act eco-friendly. We recycle our leftovers of textiles, cardboard, paper, and even have some materials that are 100% recycled (on top of being fabulous).

• Healthy COLORS
BeeZee EcoLand brand uses only natural, water-based and NON AZO dies for our textiles and products (textile prints, furniture decor, wall art, etc.).

Fashion feels even better when it is made in harmony with nature. At BeeZee EcoLand, we love and respect our animal friends and avoid materials and production processes that exploit them. For us, compassion is an essential part of sustainability, and makes the work even more rewarding. Compassion is also practical, as many of the industrial pathways used to bring animal products to the market expend excessive resources and introduce harmful chemicals into the environment. We know we play just a small part, but we choose love, peace, positivity and LIFE, for our products and for a better future for all Earthlings.

All of our products are of the highest quality in every way: materials, design, and craftsmanship. Beautiful handmade details and perfected finishes are a brand signature. Our clothes are made to last and we emphasize timeless designs so that BeeZee EcoLand items can be a part of your life for many years.