New Life Animal Sanctuary

Animals saved From Laboratories

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Rescued from Labs

New Life Animal Sanctuary is primarily devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals saved from laboratories. Our slogan is Life After Labs®️!

Founded in 2008 by Gina Lynn, New Life Animal Sanctuary is proud to be one of the only sanctuaries in the country that focuses its efforts on saving animals from laboratories and the only sanctuary that rescues rodents! Since inception, a thousand animals have been saved from laboratories and many from slaughter as well.

NLAS also serves as a liaison for orphaned, injured and ill wildlife in shelters. We arrange for transport of wildlife to appropriate rehabbers and are very proud to have saved thousands that way!

Facts About Animal Testing

According to the 2019 report, the breakdowns of reported animal usage in USDA-registered and federal
facilities for that year was as follows:

  • DOGS: 58,511
  • CATS: 18,270
  • GUINEA PIGS: 181,993
  • HAMSTERS: 98,296
  • PIGS: 50,777
  • RABBITS: 142,472
  • SHEEP: 13,953

  • TOTAL: 797,546

  • Note the asterisk next to “covered species” – the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) intentionally
    excludes “rats of the genus rattus,
    mice of the genus mus,
    and birds bred for use in research


That means that animals we perhaps most associate with animal testing are being used in quite literally untold numbers. Our goal is to ensure that each animal we rescue from a life of suffering, primarily from laboratories, receives the level of care they deserve to spend their remaining lifetime free from pain and stress, with all the treats they can eat and snuggles they desire.