Soyuz tofu

vegan tofu made of pure soybeans

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Soyuz is not just a brand but a vision come to life. Birthed from the think-tanks of professionally trained personnel, the soy food manufacturing line was set up to resolve one of the biggest misconceptions in today’s era – the Do’s and Don’ts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With its roots dug deep into natural and organic products, Soyuz aims to make good health available to all. Thanks to the new air of veganism hitting the population, soy products became the primary choice and one of the best dairy free alternatives for people all across the globe. With an aim to become world-leaders in soy food industry, we at Soyuz started our journey with our flagship product – Soyuz Classic Tofu.


Q what is tofu ?

Tofu (a.k.a. Soya Paneer) is a lactose-free, soy-based cottage cheese made by coagulating fresh soy milk. It is well-known as a popular plant-based source of protein widely consumed in Asian and Vegan cuisines.