Sweet Bear Rescue Farm

A beacon of hope for animals of all species

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The farm is a beacon of hope for animals of all species – a place where kindness and compassion are the norm, and all individuals are treated with love and respect. Sweet Bear is dedicated to changing the world, spreading the values of veganism, and creating a safe haven for those who’ve experienced abuse and neglect.

Sweet Bear Rescue Farm is home to over 40 animals with a constant revolving door of fosters and rescues. Permanent residents include best friends Ollie the pot-bellied pig and Charlotte the chicken; Oskar the cat; dogs Harry, TT, Trixie and Layla; goats Maggie and Shadow; Gorgeous Tom Turkeys George and Nelson; and 15 sweet baby chickens saved from a brutal religious sacrifice.


644 Rutledge Drive Hendersonville, NC 28739

Mon – Fri:  7am – 5pm

Sat:  10am – 5pm