The Podrska Foundation Claimed

Advovating for Human and Non-Human Lives in Uganda

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We are a vegan foundation dedicated to an ethics of care for both human and non-human lives in Uganda. Through programs such as child welfare initiatives, teenage counseling, women empowerment, early education for children and women, and plant-based food distribution, we foster impoverished orphans, children, youth, and single-mothers. Each of our programs also encourages participants to make choices informed by compassion for non-human animals. Our volunteers work directly with locals to enable them to achieve the goals and objectives of the foundation.


Q Who is the founder/owner of Podrska?

Established by Dash Meizler in 2018, the Podrska Foundation is a non-profit grassroots vegan organization of volunteers dedicated to an ethics of care for both human and non-human lives in Uganda.

My passion for helping humans has been with me since I was a child growing up in Uganda. I saw my parents struggle to get my four siblings and me educated. In 2007, when I had to transition from my primary school to a secondary school, my parents had no money to pay for my secondary education but they did not give up. As a result of a lie about me having no father, I was taken to a remote rural area where I secured a place in a school; that experience left me sleepless for many nights. While finishing school, I experienced hunger for the first time as there was nothing available to eat there. The hunger for both an education and food was what motivated me to undertake humanitarian work. I don’t want others to sleep on empty stomachs or children to drop out of school because their parents can’t afford to educate them.