Vegan Blog “Vegan Dad” is the blog of a vegan dad home educating two vegan girls living in the UK. The blog has humorous posts about Vegan Dad’s everyday life. This includes vegan recipes that he uses, posts about the environment, posts about home education and posts about veganism in general.

Presenting Veganism in an Accessible Way

The aim of the blog is to present veganism in a way that makes it accessible for everyone. Vegan Dad is just a normal bloke not a master vegan chef or die-hard animal rights campaigner – although he is a big advocate of animal rights.

Who is Vegan Dad?

Vegan Dad was a vegetarian for around 40 years before becoming vegan. Since becoming vegan he recognises the suffering and cruelty endured by animals in the dairy industry and feels that a lot of vegetarians turn a blind eye to it just as he did.

Ultimately he would like to help vegetarians (and other non-vegans) to make the transition to veganism.

Vegan Dad hopes that both vegans and non-vegans alike will find the blog useful, and amusing.