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Vegan Catering in UK

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Vegan to You is an exclusively vegan catering company in the UK.

We cater for all types of events – corporate entertaining, weddings, festivals, crew catering, in-home cooking and everything in between.

With 20 years catering experience we can create original and exciting menus to suit varying budgets and facilities – all plant based of course!

Take a look at our sample menus and feel free to drop us an email if you would like to discuss our dishes, or even your own favourite dishes and how they can be incorporated into your event or special day.

Our Story

now, where were we?

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for joining us in this exciting new venture –

Vegan To You

We are an exclusively vegan event catering company.

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Why? There are many reasons why you may choose a vegan diet – animal welfare, environmental or purely personal health. Now is not the time or place to discuss the reasons why, the key point is you have made the decision to be vegan and that should be respected and catered for.

There are many catering companies who can provide vegan food but it very often comes across as an afterthought, something they have to do rather than want to. The available choices are limited and often not nutritionally balanced, even from purely vegetarian/vegan companies – their target market is mainly vegetarians.

We are the first event catering company in the UK that is purely vegan – it means you can choose anything on the menu without being disappointed that the dish you like the sound of so much is secretly hiding milk protein, or the dressing is made with honey.

How? I have been a chef for over 20 years and have worked in all kinds of places and cooked a wide variety of foods. I could pretend I am strictly vegan but that would be dishonest. We keep chickens at home and we do eat their eggs, they are very much free range and have a larger section of our garden than the dog does. They are treated well and often get leftovers of chocolate porridge on a winter morning. I owned my own pub in Bristol for 16 years and from day one we had vegan specials on the board. Back then they were nowhere near as exciting as our meals are now.

I have always felt passionately that all diets should be catered for with love and care. For many years vegans were neglected by most establishments. Times are changing for the better – many places now cater for vegans which is
great, but often they still haven’t grasped that there is more to it than vegetables and lentils.

When I lived in Bristol I was lucky to live round around the corner from the first Better Food Company shop – an organic supermarket that is an Aladdin’s cave of exiting and different ingredients.

As a chef I love learning about new foods and experimenting with them. The more I experimented the more excited I became. I wanted to broaden the range of vegan dishes I could provide so that every vegan who came in to my pub knew they were being taken care of with as much love and effort as the omnivores on the table next to them. Who knew Kala Namak existed and that you can use it to create dishes that look and taste very much like their egg containing counterparts, so much so that when offered to omnivores many cannot tell the difference.

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This was my eureka moment – Don’t preach to people, teach the people!

Show omnivores that vegan food can be just as exciting as theirs and they just might change. They may not become full converts, but some might choose to eat less meat. Imagine the effect if all the omnivores chose to eat vegan 2 or 3 times a week!

If you are organising an event that needs catering be it corporate, wedding, festival or just a few more friends round for dinner than you feel comfortable cooking for then let us take care of it.

Vegan To You will discuss your needs and come up with a specially tailored menu that is completely vegan and nutritionally balanced. Show your guests how exciting vegan food can be and educate them through fantastic flavours and textures from around the world.