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About Harkel

Be ready for exciting and fun fashion with a feminine twist.

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Harkel is a vibrant fashion brand, bringing something bold and exciting to your wardrobe.

Harkel was born out of a desire for something different and something fun. We love everything sustainable, so we only use high-quality organic cotton and are PETA and vegan approved. Despite the deluge of brands and mountains of clothes on offer, we weren’t finding pieces that made us excited; clothes with that something special about them.

At Harkel we believe in cat puns, retro designs, loud colours and pizza parties.

Seeing the same old perennials in the stores year after year, brown for autumn, pastels for summer, we felt like there was something missing and a gap in the market. Harkel emerged to bring a new sense of fun and vitality into the mix! We had always been admirers of vintage and retro clothing but didn’t want it to feel like dressing up. Taking elements of vintage style, but translating it in a much more wearable, accessible and modern way, we found a new direction.

Harkel is certainly not a vintage brand, but we take inspiration from flattering classic shapes and details, then combine them with bespoke prints, rich colours and unexpected details for a very wearable look that is full of character and makes heads turn, for the multi-faceted woman of today.

We are inspired by and design for, girls and women who love the fun of fashion. Who aren’t interested in slavishly following trends but celebrate individuality. Who want to stand out in style, and are looking for unique and quirky looks to match their playful personalities.

Love Harkel because….

Harkel clothing retro blue cardigan humming bird

Of our unique looks

We design a variety of novel and exciting prints, bringing the unexpected and uniqueness to your wardrobe. Stand out from the crowd in organic and vegan friendly designs that will make you feel as good as you look.


We carefully balance stand-out style with a day-to-day wearability and quality. Vegan-friendly and organic you can be completely comfortable wearing these quirky cotton pieces every day!

Free UK delivery

Order online, hassle free and receive your order delivered straight to your door at no cost on orders over £60 – it couldn’t be simpler.

Easy & free 90 day UK returns

If you’re not happy with your item, it is easy to return and try something different!

Customer community

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Our customers love to share their looks. See how they style their Harkel buys, get some inspiration and join the community by adding your own snaps at #HarkelAndMe.


Harkel was created to bring a playful and affordable offering to the market, with a broad range of women in mind. We do not follow trends, instead creating a defined ‘Harkel’ aesthetic, which begins with a vintage influence, and is showered in colour and fun to create an all-inclusive range, with a style that caters to everyone, through the different aspects of femininity and character – from girly and elegant, to preppy and quirky, with a whole host in between!

Harkel Community

Harkel is built around a fun-filled community of our fabulous customers, who love to share their style and show how they have outfitted their latest buys on social media.

We love seeing how Harkel pieces are translated into their wardrobes and to share these great looks with the community, encouraging everyone to unleash their inner stylist, have fun with their outfitting and play around for an individual take on the look

Make sure to tag us and use #HarkelAndMe to join in the fun!


We’re Organic & Vegan Friendly

Our journey to becoming sustainable.

Wear and care!

Right from the start, Harkel has been about offering vibrant and fun fashion using high quality fabrics. With more of the Harkel community asking for a more sustainable offering, we’ve listened and have taking action!

Going forward, sustainability will be part of everything that we do. A lot of brands throw the word “sustainable” around, so we believe it’s important to be straight forward with our new policies. In short, all of our new styles are 100% certified organic cotton and 100% bottle recycled polyester; however, most of our items will be 100% organic cotton and everything will be PETA vegan approved.

What does this mean for future Harkel styles? Our new policy came into action (March 2021), our old Harkel styles are no longer for sale as these are not in line with our new policy. Instead, we have a new range of fun and colourful styles that are organic, recycled and vegan friendly. Initially, our range will consist of fun tees, sweatshirts and hoodies; all of which will have fun and quirky prints and embroidered designs. We are currently in discussion with new dress factories that share our new sustainability vision, this means that temporarily, we will not be selling dresses until we have found the perfect supplier to work with.

Sustainability comes in a lot of different forms, so we’ve outlined below to show you the journey that our new organic and vegan styles will go through. This includes no more products sourced from China which are commonly poor quality or shrink; meaning we only use the best quality and certified fabrics! Anybody involved in making fun Harkel styles are treated fairly in a safe and hygienic environment whilst being paid more than the average wage! Plus, no flying in items from overseas which pollutes the planet; all of our styles are finished in the UK!

Harkel organic clothing label Harkel clothing eco friendly sustainable organic PETA vegan approved fashion Fair Wear Foundation fashion leaders

From field to fashion:

100% Organic Cotton And Recycled Materials Only

At Harkel we work closely with our suppliers to source only the best raw materials, grown or produced in ways that do not harm people, animals or the environment. We exclusively use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from India, recycled polyester from China and other sustainable materials such as Modal®.

Certified By The Best

Our supply chain is certified by various independent bodies and standards. Each of these certifications demonstrate that we are working towards building healthy environmental practices and greater respect for the planet, every step of the way. Certified by GOTS, GRS, Oeko-Tex, OCS and PETA. We use GOTS Certified printing techniques which use non-harmful inks which are 100% biodegradable and vegan friendly. We can affirm that our finalized, decorated garments are 100% fully sustainable.

Every Step Of The Process

To ensure the safety of all our workers, we work very closely with our suppliers who work alongside the Fair Wear Foundation(FWF). After an extensive social audit, our suppliers have been attributed ‘Leader’ status by FWF, certifying that they’re showing best practices in complex areas such as freedom of association. Our suppliers have a number of mechanisms in place to ensure decent working conditions, such as an internal Code of Conduct, monthly reports and daily visits to our partner factories.

This means that all of the workers rights at our suppliers factories are protected including no forced labour, all team members paid above the average wage and a safe and hygienic working environment; just to name a few. We have even gone one step further and use 100% renewable energy in our offices and warehouse.


As a lot of our customers will know, our packaging is 100% recyclable and our fun Harkel boxes have been designed to make them perfect for reuse around the home. We’re always reviewing our sustainability policy and will be making even further steps in developing; This includes our aim of having 100% biodegradable packaging.

On The Horizon!

Harkel Clothing model in a vintage retro vinyl shop wearing organic cotton tshirt

Now that we’ve made the big change to becoming a more sustainable and ethical brand, we are excited to continue our move to a more sustainable future.

We will continue to work with suppliers to offer a wider range of organic, recycled and vegan friendly styles that are all in line with our colour confidence ethos. We will constantly be looking at ways to develop our policy and create a better place for our employees to work and a more eco friendly product for our amazing Harkel Community.

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