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Vegan Cooking Classes, Health consultation, Sound Healing, Vipassana, & Yoga


Our founder Nidhi Nahata – a trained psychologist had never planned to enter the hospitality industry. The primary motivator was learning all the aspects of Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle and what it has to offer. Additionally, she witnessed changes personally, and in friends and family that strengthened her determination to spread her learnings with everybody.

Ever-since, the inception of Justbe was destined to happen and the team chose to bring it to the world. Today, the entire Justbe family is driven by the mission to provide one of the most healthiest delicious meals with an ambiance that lets you Justbe. And a wellness centre that gives you an opportunity to reconnect with yourself.

Ultimately, marking the creation of a unique Resto-Café and Wellness Centre aimed at unifying the body with the heart, mind, and soul through the food and holistic experiences that Justbe has to offer.


To educate and inspire people to learn the art of eating food that is designed for our body by nature. We strive to build a future where whole-plant based food is universally eaten, respected, and served with love and compassion.


Help establish a relationship with nature’s food that has the ability to nurture, heal and reconnect with our instincts to reach optimum health by building a support system to create a safer world for animals and the environment with a sustainable lifestyle.


Justbe believes in the expression of our ancient wisdom “We Are What We Eat.” Justbe is India’s first whole -plant based resto-cafe with a unique collaboration of wellness and a holistic lifestyle.

At Justbe our creative, delicious, exciting, and wholesome food is made with love in the most extraordinary of manners, leaving each person feeling nourished and refreshed. Our humble attempt is to create a movement to be one with our body by providing it with exactly what it needs that is, nutrients and fibers.

The ingredients we use are designed to awaken our instincts which assist in building our immune system and forge a deeper relationship with food. Inspired to build a community space where food, ambiance, and other wellness activities help foster love, kindness and compassion for our mind, body, soul, and to everyone in the community, Earth.

We invite you to “Taste Good Health; where eating and being together becomes a moment of sharing, bonding, gratitude and celebration.

Cooking Classes

The shift in our kitchen to a Whole Food Plant Based cooking creates a domino effect for the future generations driving them towards Good Health effortlessly.
– Nidhi Nahata

Justbe strives to help you connect with real food that our body demands through the cooking classes. These sessions are not just lessons in cooking delicious healthy dishes, but is a deep dive into using the right/real ingredients in the right manner to benefit and empower each one to change their health for the better.

Cooking food without calorie dense food like, meat, honey, oil, dairy-products, and refined carbohydrates transforms the food to nurture our body with natural nutrients and fibres. The real food has the power to heal and prevent many illnesses that adversely impacts the body.

Choosing to cook real food gives each one to extract the maximum benefit from the meals. There are umpteen number of participants that have realized that the path to good health is through the kitchen

Join our sessions to learn interesting techniques, flavours, and innovative ways to cook plant based meals in your own home. The session/course also includes:

  • What’s App support group for a week
  • Oil, Sugar, Dairy, and Gluten free; Whole Plant Based Food Recipes
  • Lunch
  • 50% Off only for cooks accompanying you
  • Ask Us @ +91 888-416-3061

For more details, contact us @ +91 88841 63061 or health@justbeyou.in

Health Consultation

Health FIRST

The team at Justbe is dedicated to help you see through the haze of health advice and tips and adopt a lifestyle that is backed by years of rigorous scientific research to be best suited for us.

Certified nutrition consultants and experts will guide you and partner you to put you on a path of optimum health and wellness through whole food plant based lifestyle. Nothing makes us happier than to see you take charge of your health and look forward to being your healthiest best.

Consultation Options

One Time Consultation
Rs.4,500for First Consultation
  • 2 Hour Guidance Session
  • Diet plan based on your eating habits, likes & dislikes
  • Recipes
  • Health Journal
  • Link & Videos
  • Tips on How to Cook
  • Where to Shop
  • Paid Follow-Up Session
  • Independent Follow up sessions within 8 weeks, ₹ 1500 per session
Five Week Program
Rs.8,000for Five Consultations
  • 2 Hour Guidance in 1st Session, 4 Week Follow-Up Session at 45min each
  • Diet plan for 5 weeks based on your eating habits, likes & dislikes
  • Recipes
  • Health Journal
  • Link & Videos
  • Tips on How to Cook
  • Where to Shop
  • Coaching to reach your goals
  • Personalised mentoring to sustain your goals
  • Whatsapp Support 10 AM to 6 PM
Video or On-Call Consultation
Rs.4,000for First Consultation
  • Follow up session at ₹ 1000 per session
Home Visit Consultation

Sound Healing

Sound Healing at Justbe holistic wellness center in Sadashiva Nagar, Bangalore is an immersive and rejuvenating experience that allows you to enter a deep state of restful awareness and harmony. Our instruments are exclusively crafted at SVARAM, Auroville and tuned to natural harmonic resonance. We are often told that the soundscape is too profound to be described in words and it can only be truly experienced in-person.

Relaxing sounds played in a therapeutic setup can help in healing from any physical or emotional distress. While sound healing can create a sense of general well being in any individual, it is particularly helpful in

  • Balancing blood pressure
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Reducing feelings of anxiety
  • Elevating mood and alleviating depression
  • Pain management
  • Achieving deep meditative states
Prices for Sessions
Monday – Thursday:

Individual session – ₹ 1800
Partner session – ₹ 2700

Friday – Sunday:
Individual session – ₹ 2400
Partner session – ₹ 3400


The meaning of the word “Vipassana” is to see things as they really are. It is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation and a way of self-transformation through self-observation. Vipassana focusses on the deep connection between the mind, body and soul that can be experienced by disciplined attention to the physical sensations that form the life of the body. This journey is an observation-based and self-exploratory that results in building a balanced mind full of love and compassion.

Come and experience this insightful state of being at Justbe Wellness Center every Sunday! A facilitator from Dhamma Paphulla (Vipassana Meditation & Research Centre, Bangalore) will conduct the session in the traditional method taught by Mr. S.N. Goenka.

No prior registration needed and the sessions are absolutely free of charge.

Beginners: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Experienced Practitioners: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Just-Be YOU for an hour, Free Participation



Meenal Nigam comes from a family of musicians and she has always been inclined toward the spiritual aspect of music/sound. She began training early-on in the Satyananda tradition of yoga and took several years to practice the tradition on herself. She began imparting the gained knowledge to people all backgrounds.

The Nada yoga course combines the wisdom of the ancient scriptures and the modern scientific approach towards sound as the basis of all life forms. Swar Sadhana not only helps to culture an individual’s voice, but also helps to activate the 8 major chakras. She hopes to spread this knowledge to take this knowledge to every household so that the world awakens to a new but ancient principles of sound vibrations.

Traditional Classical Yoga by SAI BHAT

Yogrishi Sai Bhat is a leading exponent of Krishnamacharya Yoga, which blends yogic wisdom with science for building strength, immunity, flexibility, balance, injury prevention and anxiety and stress alleviation. He is a well-renowned yoga scholar-practitioner-mentor, highly skilled, and a leading yoga teacher belonging to the lineage of Sri Krishnamacharya.

Sai is the founder of HoJoYoga, a popular yoga centre in North Bangalore and is affiliated to Indian Yoga Association, to promote holistic wellness and ancient Indian culture and yogic wisdom. He is also the collaborator at The Arts Village, a premier centre for yoga and Decathlon Sport India. Yogrishi Sai’s goal is to conduct classes and help people practice at the comfort of your home with relaxing and Therapeutic Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.

Our founder Nidhi Nahata


My journey with whole food plant based diet began with an epiphany when I attended a retreat in 2016 by SHARAN led by Dr Nandita Shah in the hope of lowering my cholesterol levels without medication. I was introduced to the idea that “Food is our medicine and medicine is our food” and it set me on a path that became my life’s calling.

Not only did I get rid of my elevated cholestrol levels, migraine and rosacea but also saw people in the retreat reversing cancer and chronic lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular illness. Armed with the newfound enthusiasm and the prescription handed out by ‘Dr. Nature,’

I first set out to help my family members and later people everywhere. The magic is that all of it is possible with just one diet and lifestyle.


I want to simplify the approach to good health and wellness and make ‘eating as if your life depends on it’ a household concept. We are conscious beings and it will serve us well to be compassionate towards one’s own health, our fellow earthlings and the environment. It is just the start and I have miles to go before I can rest.


To the universe for choosing me for this path to spread awareness and through this connecting me to my real purpose in life. I wake up everyday feeling more grateful to the abundance and gifts nature has to offer.


I switch roles multiple times a day among being a restauranteur, educator, food therapist & certified health coach and nutritionist (Ecornell-NYC 2020 & Sharan- India 2016). I am aided in my endeavours by my skills as a certified psychotherapist and counselor (NLP, Transactional Analysis and Life Skill trainer).

As founder of India’s first whole food plant based resto cafe – Justbe established in June 2017 – I improvise and conceptualise dishes for our menu that make healthy eating mainstream. Our conscious kitchen serves food with love and makes all “Taste Good Health” My team of health and lifestyle coaches work with me to help clients based on their health conditions and fitness goals.

We help people with weight loss, prevention and reversal of cancer and chronic lifestyle conditions like hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases among many others.

What is Whole Food Plant Based Diet? (WFPB) and why should one care?

It is “One food for all” The intelligent ingredient that is fiber and nutrients in whole plant foods are the only source which can heal human illnesses and food with no fibers in products like sugar, oil, refined flour, meat, dairy, and eggs are the cause for growing diseases and lifestyle ailments in the world. To make a wholesome WFPB meal, we shall include beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, nuts, spices, and variety of greens.