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100% Natural Vegan Cosmetics

We at Vegan Beauty are delighted to provide a wide range of vegan beauty skin care products that are natural, organic, 100% handmade, and cruelty-free. As more socially responsible consumers prefer vegan and cruelty-free products. For the incredible benefit, vegan skincare is changing the face of modern beauty.

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About Us

Vegan Beauty was born from love for nature, admiration for beauty and passion for nature. Our life always revolved around thousands of papayas at home, endless sacks of oranges, tons of peanuts it was exciting to play between brothers to see who could climb a gigantic mountain of watermelons with the fear of a funny landslide or to know that it is soon CHRISTMAS because there are boxes and boxes of almonds, cinnamon and tejocotes.

Nature taught us what hard work is, to fight for a dream, to value people, we learned that nature takes care of itself and respects itself.

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Now we merge that knowledge to create the PERFECT combination. We extract the juice from the beets, the color from Jamaica, the extracts from the grapes, we transform the Pinole into makeup and we use the color of coffee because we know that “if you can eat it, you can put it on.” ” that is why we use nature to feed our skin, in the cosmetic industry we characterize ourselves as a proud natural products company and made by Women.

We make sustainable and guilt-free beauty products for a healthy and smooth skin and hair that will make you more confident and content. We are committed to improve the lives of billions of people and animals by giving back to our global community.

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Why Shop with Vegan Beauty

100% Natural

100% Handmade products made with natural ingredients for all types of skins. All the products are clinically tested.

Completely Cruelty-Free

Get your glow on with cruelty-free formulas for all your skin care needs. Our products are Eco Friendly Sustainable & Handmade.

Ingredient Sourcing

Our products are made with many natural ingredients which helps you to get naturally moisturize which gives a softness on the skin and helps your makeup long lasting .

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