Uplands Peak Sanctuary

Indiana's first Farmed Animal Sanctuary

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Vegan Farm Animal Sanctuary in Indiana

Our Mission:

To rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected farmed animals, educate the public to the benefits of a healthy vegan lifestyle, and promote sustainability.

PEAK was founded in 2012 and opened it’s barn doors in October 2013 to our first residents, Andy and Annie, two brave piglets who escaped a backyard butcher and ran for their lives. Located in Salem, Indiana, Uplands PEAK is smack-dab in the thick of animal agriculture – there is a chicken factory farm less than a mile from the Sanctuary! The founders, Mark and Michelle believe this is where sanctuary is needed more than anywhere. It is their belief that given the opportunity to experience the sentience of farmed animals, people will be changed, thus rippling those changes out into the world.

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Uplands PEAK Sanctuary is 20-acres of refuge for animals and people. About 15 acres of the property is wooded with trails to hike, places to sit and be still, and a labyrinth to walk.  In our short time of being in operation, we have fenced more than 4 acres of pasture, gutted and built stalls in the pole barn, built a large chicken coop, and built a pig shelter. Additionally, we have opened a B&B room for our members to access, and purchased a travel trailer to offer housing for up to three interns.

Even more, our visiting program kicked-off in June 2014, where we offer educational tours to meet our rescued residents and introduce people to the realities of animal agriculture.


The Sanctuary was able to add a solar array and panels to our barn in the Fall of 2015, thanks to The Pollination Project, Whole Suns Design, and The Binky Foundation.  It is our goal to continue to add to our solar capabilities and achieve as much self sustainability as possible as we move forward.

Uplands PEAK Sanctuary hereby makes an unwavering commitment to uphold the following core values to support our mission:


We are guided by the principle that all sentient beings have a natural and unalienable right to a life free from cruelty, abuse or neglect. PEAK strives to show compassion to all our visitors, guests and animal residents regardless of situation or background, with a hope this will foster connection and acceptance to a vegan lifestyle.


We maintain that Uplands PEAK Sanctuary be a place of healing, peace, and connection for all beings. We value the communion humans have with animals and with Earth, and foster that relationship.


We value a vegan lifestyle as a sacred commitment, and proclaim that all food and drinks on the premises of the Sanctuary be vegan, without exception. We recognize the suffering of farm animals and hereby reaffirm our mission of educating the community to the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and resolve that a vegan lifestyle is the only way to end the suffering of farmed animals permanently.


We value our Mother Earth, and make this commitment to practice diligent stewardship of our land, commit to using eco-friendly products, to build with sustainable energy and supplies as they are available and we are able.

Jelly Glabin – Overnight Stay

The cabin is named after our late companion, Jelly. Stay in the Jelly Glabin, disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle and immerse in the Sanctuary experience.  At PEAK, you’ll connect with our amazing animal residents, nature, and yourself. Tuck yourself in at night in this eco-friendly glabin (glamping + cabin) the farm sanctuary way!

Email to set up your reservation at information@uplandspeak.org! Check dates already booked in the availability tab.


Site Details:
  • Checkin Time: 3:00 pm
  • Checkout Time: 12:00 pm
  • Type of Use: Overnight
  • Electricity Hookup: N
  • Max Num of People: 4
  • Max Num of Vehicles: 2
  • Shade: Partial Shade
  • Square Footage: 120
  • Num of Rooms: 2
  • Bathroom: No shower
  • Toilet: Compost
  • Num of Bedrooms: 1
  • Air Conditioning: Y
  • Heating: Space heater
  • Bed Type: Full
  • Num of Beds: 2
  • Loft Bed: Twin
  • Non Smoking: Y
  • Campfire Allowed: Y
  • Fire Ring: Y
  • Fresh Water Supply: Y
  • Companion Animals Allowed: N



GIVINGworkparties nemohay

*** We hope to be bringing these back soon — sign up for our newsletter to stay infomed! ***

Help our residents while building community at one of our monthly work parties! Sign-up is required (space is limited to 12, must be 18 years or older to volunteer).


GIVINGvolunteer brenthank

There’s no better way to help and connect with the residents than volunteering repeatedly (2 or more times per month is the minimum requirement, must 18 years or older to volunteer)!


GIVINGintern zoe

Our internships provide a meaningful educational experience; to care for and connect with rescued farmed animals, work side-by-side with the co-founders, and be a part of a compassionate community.