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Vegan Food Products

Organic Farm

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Our farm is largely a big experiment for us to learn how we can grow food in a low impact way. We grow some of our own food, which passes straight from farm to kitchen, and purchase the bulk of rest locally.

Stray Animal Rescue

Our clinic and recovery center is a safe place for injured animals who need a space to heal. We give them medical care and love, and they return our love back ten fold. Animals who can’t be brought in due to contagious conditions are treated on street.

Homemade Products

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We only sell what we grow or procure for ourselves, or what we make for ourselves in our kitchen. All our products are vegan and carry a message about what we do and why we do it. Selling products helps us get the word out about our work and expose more people to veganism.


Our farmstay gives people an opportunity to spend time with dogs, cows, and mules, and to experience farm life. It gives non-vegans a taste of the vegan life and lets them experience how their body feels on a vegan diet, and it gives vegans a sanctuary for a few days where they are surrounded only by people who want to help animals.


We help animals heal and be heard. We use various mediums, conventional (Social media, Events, Street Art) and otherwise (Culture jams, Hoaxes, Hacktivism) to make people “feel” that animals experience pain, and other emotions which are commonly considered unique to humans.


What we need help with

The work you will do revolves around Animal Enrichment, Farm work, and Housekeeping. More specifically, assisting in stray animal recovery center (dog walks, brushing animals, poop scooping, flea and tick removal, baths, laundry, feeding infant puppies, playing with dogs) and assisting in the farm (weeding, mulching, preparing new farm patches, digging, planting, moving rocks). You might also be work alongside a staff member to assist with animal treatments, kitchen tasks, or construction projects.

Apart from these, you’re also welcome to use your skills to help us do more good work or improve the space. People have contributed by making art all around the farm, making videos, carpentry, making utility items like a rocket stove, and doing hacktivism! If you are a professional who wants to do a specific project with your expertise please describe your skill and project idea in our form when you apply.

Our Expectations

This is a karma yoga place. We expect people to be honest, calm, respectful, responsible, hard working, compassionate, motivated by doing good work, have attention to detail, and keep the space clean. The work we do is also very physical, so please consider your own energy level, and if you will find it rewarding. We expect you to follow the schedule of the farm, which includes early mornings. If you are unable to follow the schedule or if we have to pick up after you, or constantly remind you of the rules you will be asked to leave.

We expect people to understand that this is rural India and not do things which offend local sensibilities.

This is our home and this is our life, which we are sharing with anyone who wants to do good work. If you realize that, and understand that this will not only be your work place during your stay, but will also be your home, you will fit right in.

If you are looking for a getaway and not for an opportunity to help animals, then this is not the place for you.


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The farm operates on a schedule and routine. Work happens in three shifts and meals are at specific times. Volunteers should arrive and depart within certain times, and will be expected to follow the schedule while at the farm.

  • There is no charge for volunteering. You can either arrange your own accomodation and meals outside of the farm, or stay on the farm at our farmstay.
  • The farmstay charges Rs. 500 a night for guests, but gives a 30% discounted rate (Rs. 350 per night) to volunteers committing to work 4 hours per day, 6 days a week, and for at least 2 weeks.
  • The farmstay gives a 100% discount to experienced veterinarians, and film makers.

If you find doing the same thing for an extended period boring instead of meditative, or having a routine is not something you like, then this is not a good fit for you.

Please read the ENTIRE FAQ and Rules before applying!

Click here to apply!

Stray Animal Rescue & Recovery

We do not see rescues as a solution; but we can’t walk by an injured animal either. While we work on long terms solutions, we wanted to have a setup where we can help injured animals that we come across.

We realized that just by virtue of seeing us care so much for animals, so many people around us changed. People who used to be apathetic started calling in rescues and even helping catch animals!

Leading by example is one of the best ways to cultivate compassion and we think that although we setup a recovery center with a short sighted goal, the impact is far beyond just the recepient animal.

Our rescue has a clinic for small and large animals, a cow shed, 18 dog kennels, a rescue van for dogs, and a rescue jeep for cows. We use these spaces to help animals recover from injury and sterilize them (see our policy on spay and neuter here) before they are released to where they were picked, adopted, or – in incurable cases – given a painless death (see our policy on euthanasia here).

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Amazing Vegan Products. Buy from them without hesitating😍

The quality pf the products is top notch and are quite reasonable as compared to other brands. All the proceeds go towards animal rescue operations. So, with every purchase you’re helping a furry baby or a moo moo❤️

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