Priyanka Sekhar

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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Vegan Holistic Nutritionist

Health and wellness is crucial to having the freedom to choose how to live your life. When we’re sick or dealing with chronic issues, everything else takes a back seat to the pain and fatigue that poor health brings. When we feel energetic and strong, our choices are endless and our lives naturally fill with happiness. Whether you’re in the Oakville area, or looking for remote and online services, I focus on helping clients bring back the balance their body craves, and empower people with the tools to maintain optimal health.

About Us

Hi! I’m Priyanka, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Trainer Educator. I specialize in helping everyday people in Oakville and surrounding areas, bring back the balance their body craves for a life with more freedom and choice.

I struggled with chronic health problems for years. I was always tired, I had unexplainably gained weight, I would get angry easily, I suffered from drenching night sweats, I would have extreme sugar cravings, uncomfortable cramping and bloating, as well as having mood swings. When my hair started to fall out, that’s when I knew I had to make some changes.

It was only after my hormonal health rebalanced that I felt like myself again. I regained my energy, I felt happy, the cramps and bloating completely disappeared and my cravings subsided. All of this allowed my body to lose the extra weight and my hair even grew back! Today, I have the stamina to workout everyday, I have no need for caffeine in the morning and I sleep well every night. I now have the energy and freedom to choose what makes me happy.

I have committed myself to empowering others to find the same freedom I have, with customized protocols that address each individual’s needs and concerns.


My services are customized to promote the best version of you! These packages are designed to offer the support you need during a time of change and transition. Services are available virtually online and if you are in the Oakville area, in person as well.

Body Boost Protocol

Hormonal Balance for Youthful Vitality

This 12-week program is designed to get your hormones in shape, bringing your naturally youthful self back! Shed that extra weight and get that glow!

This program includes:

• Personalized lifestyle assessment & recommendations

• Customized supplement regime

• Individualized weekly meal plans

• Recipes for each meal

• Six Private 1-hour consultations (every 2 weeks)

Freshanista Detox Protocol

Get Rid of the Junk in that Trunk

Refresh your body and get rid of toxins with this 3-week detoxification and replenishment program, designed to flush out the junk and make room for nourishing food at the cellular level. Ideal for those who need help getting back on track.

This program includes:

• Personalized lifestyle assessment & recommendations

• Customized supplement regime

• Individualized weekly meal plans

• Recipes for each meal

• Two Private 1-hour consultations

Specific Health Concern Protocol

Have a specific health concern you would like to help through nutrition? Get in touch and let’s make a plan especially for you!

Did You Know?

Many health plans now cover Registered Holistic Nutritionist services under the Health Spending Account. Contact your insurance provider to find out more.

Regain your health and enjoy more freedom!