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Vegan Hostel in Bengaluru

BeAnimal Hostel


Find your home away from home

Eco-friendly urban jungle stay

BeAnimal Hostel has everything you could dream of:

  • ​spacious and clean rooms with attached bathroom and comfy beds
  • superfast Wi-Fi
  • two co-working spaces
  • a shared kitchen
  • two terraces
  • a garden

​But most importantly you will find good vibes, peace and quiet in this bustling metropolis and a beautiful community. We have solar panels, a compost pit and most of our furniture is recycled! Come over and stay with us.

​Message Shahram on Whatsapp to make a direct booking – +917695989248 or book your stay on

​India’s first vegan hostel in the heart of Bangalore.

Our Mission


We’re working towards a greener planet and more mindfulness.

Vegan Cafe

Visit us at the BE ANIMAL Hostel in Koramangala and try some Pudducakes and Coconut Iced Coffee at the Happiness Café!

We’re open from 10am to 8pm

Tuesday to Sunday. Monday Holiday

Relax with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a delicious dessert! Happiness Café is the perfect place to make new friends, come to read a book or get some work done.

​Our bestsellers are:

– Coconut Iced Coffee

– Hot/ Iced Chocolate

– Pudducakes

​We also have daily specials.

Drop in to find out what the Special of the Day is!

BeAnimal Tours


Travel to the hidden gems of India with us!

Have the time of your life –

BeAnimal Tours are beautifully curated experiences that will take you to the most breath taking destinations in India. We have found fantastic eco friendly accommodations ranging from the middle of the jungle to the highest peaks of the Himalayas. We always keep our tours vegan friendly – all provided meals are plant based. Get in touch with nature and with yourself during yoga and meditation classes.

​On an other level of conscious travel – tour plans in the making…

About Us


BeAnimal Journey Foundation got founded in June 2017 with the mission to spread the message of holistic sustainability. We believe that sustainability is not only about the environment but it starts within ourselves. We’re talking about holistic health – mental and physical, nutrition, financial sustainability as well as minimalism and how to switch to a more earth friendly life style in general.

Sustainability can be incorporated into every aspect of our life starting with permaculture and waste management and ranging all the way to sustainable time management to reduce stress.​


​We are all part of Gaia, mother earth. In nature everything is created to live in balance and harmony. Plants and animals don’t damage the planet only our human species does by bringing things out of balance! That’s why we say: ‘Be animal! Remember your roots and reconnect to nature. For a better planet, for a better future for all of us!