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Interior design services for ethical and sustainable homes.

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ecc interiors

I am an interior designer who helps people live better, by transforming their homes to optimally support them and the planet.  I design spaces that are sustainable, healthy, and cruelty-free. At the same time, I provide elegant solutions for a client’s unique needs, creating gorgeous rooms that function well and reflect who the client is by incorporating their story, identity, aspirations, and ethics.

Elizabeth C. Craig

I went vegan 6 years ago, after opening my eyes to the horrors of all animal farming, not just killing animals for meat. Becoming vegan was an awakening, even after 24 years of vegetarianism. The benefits to the animals and my own health were obvious, but another thing I learned so much about was the benefit to the environment.

Around this time, I also began to explore starting my own design practice, and I feel so fortunate to have been able to combine my profession with my passion for animal rights.

Why it matters

It seems ridiculous to spell it out, but animal products in furnishings are as harmful to animals and the environment as those in foods. Awareness of the extent of human exploitation of animals is a journey. We are so accustomed to the way things are that we don’t necessarily think about the feathers in our decorative pillows or the wool in our upholstery and our rugs. Also, contrary to popular belief, leather is not a by-product of the meat industry.

I believe that by making consumers and industry partners aware that there are product choices that avoid animal exploitation and the environmental harm it causes, I have engaged in a worthwhile endeavor that makes a difference. Let’s make a difference together!


Full service interior design is available in New York; virtual design services can be accessed by anyone.