Vegan Leather made of cork Claimed

Cork fabric is very similar to leather.

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Why vegan

When animals are imprisoned, they experience many negative emotions. These emotions are stocking in their cells – including meat and skin. They know they are going to die and can´t do anything about it. Many of them are fed by antibiotics just to calm down, or their tongues are cut off so they can´t scream. Many times their organs are torn apart while they are still alive. Can you imagine how would you feel in their situation? Very bad. All this bad energy goes into their meat and skin and then into people. That´s why are so many people so unhappy, aggressive or sick.


Yes, leather is great material and is all around us in everyday life. We experience all this killing and madness in everyday life – touching it, smelling it, wearing it. Fortunately, the is an alternative.

Cork fabric is very similar to leather. It is very durable, waterproof and lasts long time. But cork is all-natural and no one had to be killed.

Cork oak grows in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. It has very thick bark which is harvested about every 10 years. Taking it off makes no harm to the tree. Then, the bark is boiled and cut into tiny layers of fabric. No chemicals are used.

Taking care of cork

Just simply wipe the dust off with paper towel. That´s it. You don´t even have to spray it. When you make it dirty or oily, use water, soap and papertowel.