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Vegan Handbags, Sling bags, Shoes Made from synthetic leather.

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Vegan Leather Products

Gowma is a company based in Hubballi, Karnataka, incorporated in 2017.

The venture started by animal lovers, is possibly the first company in the world that provides all leather substitute merchandise under one roof. While trying to do our bit in preventing animal cruelty, we offer products of that cater to all sorts of customers – like handbags, wallets, laptop bags, belts, footwear, clutches, gym bags, etc. that are of exceptional quality and specially designed while being available at affordable prices.


  • Our philosophy is to ‘live and let live’ and make the world a better place, where humans do not exploit animals, a world where animals are free to exist in their own right.
  • We promote a lifestyle that excludes, as far as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of and cruelty to animals for the purposes of fashion, clothing or anything else.
  • Our visual identity is about showcasing the way life where we can show compassion and mercy towards animals and live life from a fresh perspective and inspiring our customers to view the society and animals in a positive way.


  • India has a tradition of ahimsa and dharma. We have a culture of revering animals – from cows that we consider as a form of God, to snakes – worshipping Lord Ganesha, the elephant God; especially in Kerala where elephants are treated as members of the family.
  • The majority of leather comes from India’s cows, who are abused, beaten and poisoned in the production process. As India forbids the slaughter of cows, these poor, innocent animals are forced to endure brutal and grueling journeys where they are confronted with an unimaginable end. We aim to put an end to this barbarism in our own little capacity.


Gowma (Hubballi)
4th Floor, Satellite Commercial Complex,
Koppikar Rd, hubbali,
Karnataka 580020, India
?: +91 91485 91344, ?️ Directions

Gowma (Pune)
Shop No. 49, Kenjale Light House Mall,
Bidwewadi kondhwa Road, bibwewadi,
Pune 411037, India
?: +91 87886 00984, ?️ Directions

Gowma (Bengaluru)
#95, Gandhi bazar Main Road,
Above CCD Basavanagudi,
Bangalore 560004, India
?: +91 91084 58656, ?️ Directions
+91 97411 26640

Gowma (Parbhani)
Shop No 3/4 Chandrabhaga Complex Dr Hedgewar,
Chowk, Station Rd, New Mondha,
Parbhani, Maharashtra 431401, India
?: +91 90289 65722, ?️ Directions