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Vegan Men’s Grooming Products

What’s in & what’s out

Our “phy-losophy of grooming” is pretty simple.

Keep the good, keep OUT the bad. We do our best to put in only the good stuff – good for the planet, and good for you.

Let’s start with what’s out

No harmful chemicals
No sulphates
No silicones
No parabens
No phthalates
No animal-ingredients

Purpose & values

We value a lot of things at here at the Phy HQ. It’s important to us to keep our values close. They guide us through every single decision we take – right from what goes in our products to how we communicate with you.

There are four values that are at the very core of who we are:


We exist because of our customers. Their joy is our joy. Delighting them is what delights us.


Blessed as we are with the goodness of nature, we will do all we can to preserve it and contribute positively towards sustaining our fragile ecosystems.


Our culture shall be inclusive, encouraging and respectful of human capability, diversity and hard work.​


We have nothing to hide. We will uphold the law of the land and protect the rights of our customers at all times. Our conduct within and outside the corporation shall exemplify the highest levels of transparency and good corporate behavior.


A dermatologically-tested, 100% vegan specialist grooming range for men, driven by the beliefs that “good” products are worth the effort, that a conscience is non-negotiable, and that “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t work.

And when we say good, we mean it. Phy believes in using “good science” & proven natural actives to make effective products that work for you. We are PETA approved cruelty free & vegan, and a member of the global 1% for the Planet community. Our passion to get it right, every single time, is what makes us, us.


Phy is everywhere. Physics, physicality and physique begin with it. Phytochemistry (the science of plant-sourced ingredients) begins with phy, too.
Lest you think it’s all physical, there’s philosophy. See the phy in it? Profound. Once you start looking, you’ll see phy everywhere. The sciences of lots of things end with phy. Like geography and oceanography. As do many arts – think photography.
Nature, science, philosophy and a bit of art – that’s what we call thephylife!


Are all your products plant-sourced / 100% natural?
We are not 100% natural – and we don’t claim to be! Phy is all about active plant + safe science coming together to make “good” products – good for you, good for animals, good for the planet.

Are your products certified by any external bodies?
All our products are clinically tested and certified as dermtalogically tested for safety. It’s all good.

What do you mean by vegan & cruelty free?
Phy is PETA certified as vegan & cruelty free! This means that our products will never contain animal-derived ingredients and will never be tested on any animals.

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin & hair / children?
Yes – we believe so. We keep in mind all skin & hair types while formulating our products and avoid all harmful (or doubtful) chemicals.

However, it was always recommended for people with sensitive skin to patch test any new product on a small patch on their forearm before using them more widely. And for children below 3 years, we would generally recommend using specialist baby products.

Can women use your products?
Well, yes, all humans can. But we think you might find a range more suited to their needs at our sister brand, Plum – a 100% vegan fresh beauty line. Take a look here:

What do you never use in your products?
We stay far far away from all animal-derived ingredients and any harmful (or even doubtful) chemicals. This means that we are free from parabens, phthalates, SLS, sulphates, silicones.

What is 1% for the Planet?
1% for the Planet is a global movement. A pretty cool one, if you ask us. Over 1200 member companies in 48 countries donate 1% of their annual sales to global sustainability initiatives and we’re stoked to be a part of it. In just over 10 years 1% for the Planet companies have given more than $100 million back to Blue!

Is your packaging biodegradable?
Eco-friendly packaging is something we strive towards – but we do have a long way to go. Some things we do already,

  • We steer clear of non-recyclable packaging materials like SAN, ABS, PVC (we use PET, PP and HDPE)
  • Attempt to minimize excess packaging in our inner packs and shippers

While we are working towards more sustainable solutions, we’d also encourage you to reuse and recycle our packs! Have some ideas for us? Please let us know.