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Vegan Men’s Shoes

VETO is an Elevator shoe brand from Bangalore. Veto shoes are designed with the perfection of aesthetics and comfort with being compassionate with nature.

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Superior Elevation

Veto creates top-of-the-line elevator shoes that have cut a swathe in the world of high fashion. Our shoes range from 5.1 to 6.6 centimeters of elevation which is ideal for most men. Our rich history of shoemaking experience, together with a passion for environmental preservation, has resulted in a collection of designer elevator shoes made entirely with ethical synthetic leather and created for supreme comfort.

VETO In-Sole (patent under review)

We wanted to bring the best elevator shoes for men who want to look taller. We focused on creating the most comfortable insole any elevator shoe can have. A thorough understanding of pressure points in the feet helped us create our patent-pending insole that makes VETO shoes comfortable all day, all year.

An understanding of unique pressure points in the feet helped us create shoes that are comfortable all day, all year — Thanks to our patent-pending Veto In-Sole.

120 Days of Warranty

VETO brand is proud to offer the 120 days’ warranty. Made from the top-notch material, design, and craftsmanship, any manufacturing defect warrants for free repair or an exchange of the product.

7 Days of Return and Exchange

If they are not used, you have 7 days to return or exchange your VETO Elevator shoes from the day they arrive at your place. We will pick them up from your place and refund or exchange for you.


Findmeashoe lab has proved to be the best fit for Indian and Global customers alike with regard to sizing and design recommendations. We strive to work with people who are one of a kind in the footwear field and the best at what they do.

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A payment gateway says a lot about how our client’s financial information is handled. We wanted the safest and quickest solution for accepting and refunding the payments of our customers.

We use FedEx for their quick and safe deliveries of all our orders. We extensively work with them and they have been remarkable for driving our customer satisfaction.

PETA helps build mutually beneficial relationships to promote products, raise awareness, and support the implementation of animal-friendly business practices and services. VETO is proud to be included in this list of change-makers.

Originally invented by DuPont in 1963, synthetic alternatives for leather have experienced much improvement over the last 55 years thanks to ongoing research into the material. Today, forms of vegan leather show better results than its animal counterparts, in areas of breathability, weatherproofing, uniformity and weight. Veto prides itself on offering high quality products, made from these forms of synthetic leather, without harming any animals in the process.

VETO is proud to be included in this list of change makers.

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Patented Pending Insole

Our core team utilises their combined years of experience to design the perfect insole for elevator shoes.

An understanding of pressure points in the feet allows us to create comfortably shaped shoes that can be worn for hours, thanks to our patented Veto Heel. It is made from a combination of specific rubber materials, synthetic leather and rexine.

We take great pride in sourcing the very best synthetic leather for the upper and inner linings of our shoes from internationally recognised manufacturers. We continuously prioritise innovation and R&D to make the most comfortable elevator shoes in the market even more so. After all, there’s no point in having great design if it’s at the expense of your comfort.