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Vegan Nutrition & Supplements

Myvegan grew from a desire to make plant-based well-being simple. We believe that by using the finest ingredients, our products will, and do, taste the best. We believe your lifestyle choice should be easy to stick to because of our products, help and support. We believe in being forward thinking, one step ahead – making our best even better and constantly looking for ways to improve our product range.

We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We believe in leading by example, in developing our community, in having responsible values, adopting best practices and focusing on doing the best. We believe that being good, should taste good.

Myvegan grew from a desire to make natural, plant- based products that taste amazing and power up everyone, everyday. After all, if you choose to be more mindful about how your diet affects your health and the planet, we want to reward that choice with high quality, healthy and exceptionally tasty products. All in all, we believe in cutting animal products out of your diet, not cutting out taste.

Team Myvegan

We think it’s important that everyone has the chance — and importantly, the choice — to fuel their bodies with natural goodness, which is why we’ll continue to innovate products that are 100% vegan and spread the word. We’re all about the Myvegan community, but you won’t find exclusivity here. You can wear trainers and still get into this club.

Our expertise, their accreditation

The Soil Association

Our organic products have got the thumbs up from The Soil Association — a charity that works across the spectrum of human health, the environment and animal welfare.

Vegan Society

We’re really proud to be aligned with and approved by The Vegan Society. Their trademark is the authentic international vegan standard and our products have to pass strict criteria to be awarded with it.

Vegetarian Society

We’ve got the green light from the Vegetarian Society too, which means we check all of their boxes and are licensed to use their trademark.

So, whether you’re just trying to make it through the week or you have a specific goal in your sights — we’re here to help you unlock more from your body, and mind, with nothing but the power of nature. We aren’t saying we’re going to change your world with a Vegan Pancake Mix… but we think it’s as good a place to start as any. Tastes great too.

Our current recyclability state

Myvegan is proud to bein partnership with RePurpose Global, a global charity committed to reducing the amount of plastic waste in the oceans and landfill.

This partnership means that we at Myvegan are the World’s First Plastic Neutral Sports Nutrition Brand, funding the production of brand-new, life changing infrastructure & removal of plastic in the environment, equal to the amount we use throughout our operations. As a result, every purchase from Myvegan carries a net-zero plastic footprint. Find out more about our Plastic Neutral partnership with RePurpose here.

See below the full recyclability credentials of our packaging for each product type.

What’s Next?

As a brand we’re always reviewing our recyclability state and setting out ambitious plans for a more sustainable future. We’re currently working on new packaging solutions to eliminate waste, and by 2023 our packaging will be 100% recycle ready.

While we work towards our 100% recycle ready packaging goal, we want to ensure our customers are able to correctly dispose every Myvegan product they purchase. As a solution, we’re launching our RecycleMe scheme that allows customers to send back their empties to us for FREE, so packaging can be re purposed. Mail It, Melt It, Make It. Coming Soon.

Our Sustainability Commitments

We understand that the environment and sustainability are two crucial facets of veganism. We want to share our sustainability commitments with you, highlighting what we are doing to become a more sustainable brand. We are making it a priority to work hard towards making a positive change and to give back where we can. Explore our 5 key initiatives
  • Protecting Natural Resources
  • Eliminating Waste
  • Giving Back To The Community
  • Reducing Carbon and Energy
  • Health and Wellbeing