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Vegan Nutritionist

About NaturAlly Fed

Fed Podeschi- Naturopath

As a naturopath and nutrition coach, I have helped many clients transition to a plant-based diet and helping people how to heal themselves. I am passionate about veganism, gut health, mental wellbeing, and natural remedies.

  • Qualified Naturopath, Nutrition Coach and trainer

  • Winner of the Health & Wellbeing Specialists of the Year 2020 – Cardiff & South Wales Prestige Awards

  • Registered products with the Vegan Society

  • Over 300 clients all over the world

  • Passionate about helping people fulfil their potential

The Online Clinic

Welcome to your personal naturopath and health coach!

Here is where you can start your assessment and get a personalised plan to help you manage and improve your health and wellbeing naturally!

The Online Clinic is here to make one-on-one nutrition coaching with Naturally Fed available to everyone — without having to leave the home or office! Everything you need to know about how you should eat, direct to your inbox. Personalised supplementation delivered straight to your door.

Because let’s face it: after work and family commitments, plus finding time for exercise and some form of a social life, who actually has time for much else? We don’t, and we bet you don’t either!

NaturAlly Fed set up The Online Clinic with one thing in mind: to make life easier on his clients. Because if we’re honest, between the demands placed on us by modern lifestyles, finding time to prioritise health can be bloody hard work. But all that’s changed. You can access The Online Clinic from literally anywhere — the kitchen table, your work desk, or even your favourite cafe — and still get highly personalised dietary advice, tailored nutrition plans, and expert wellness advice.

  • Full Naturopathic Health Assessment 

    In this initial consultation, we’ll assess your current health and nutrition status by discussing your medical history, diet history, physical activity habits, eating behaviours, and usual food patterns and preferences.

  • Customised Nutrition and Health Programs

    A health plan tailored just for you. You’ll be provided with an email report of your health profile and an analysis of the current pitfalls in your diet and lifestyle, as well as a simple summary of how your eating habits could be improved for health.

  • 1-2-1 Support and follow-ups

    On-going 1-2-1 support and advice from Fed around your plan and any difficulties you might find along the way. Follow-up appointments are usually scheduled for 2-4 weeks later and run for 30 minutes.

  • Peer Support

    Join the NaturAlly Fed – Health Support Tribe and connect with like-minded people and stay up-to-date with the latest news from Fed and the natural health world community.

    –  Discovery Call

    Get a brand new service – 15 minutes of my time for FREE for you to explore what your current health and well-being challenges are or what is holding you back.


    – Assessment + 3 follow-ups

    Get a full naturopathic assessment and work with me for a further 3 follow-ups to help you get going and feel supported along the way!


    – Assessment + 6 follow ups

    A full naturopathic assessment and a great saving on 6 more follow-ups –  of support to really help you embed those new habits and see results!


    –  Assessment + 12 follow-ups

    The best value of all – working with me and make a FULL commitment to your health and well-being. You’ll be working with me and have direct access to my knowledge and experience.



Heal your gut and feel amazing – body, mind and soul!

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Easy to follow, tried and tested programme of support including:

  • Natural Nutrition: Understand natural nutrition, hydration, and food preparation.

  • Supplementation: Understand the vitamins and minerals that we need to optimise our health and well-being.

  • Detox: Try detox techniques to help you remove toxins, inflammation, pain, and stress from your life.

  • Positive Mindset: Health starts from your mindset and when you’re happy you’re also aiding your healing.
My 7 Secrets

NaturAlly YOU is an introductory course to NaturAlly Fed’s system: an approach to healing the root cause of your gut health conditions that explores and addresses our seven human needs through a variety of knowledge, practices, nutrition, and rituals that influence our chakras  (an energy system that has been used around the world for millennia to help people heal and feel amazing). All of this is translated and presented by Fed and his army of colleagues and experts all over the world.

We all share the same needs (my seven secrets). Some of them might sound quite obvious – we know we need love without having to think. But how do we make sure we give each need the right nourishment? How do we pay attention to all of these things? Make sure we have the right diet while growing and connecting, yet feeling certain and connected to our spirutality?

It can be a complicated balancing act!

Different needs will make themselves known at different times in our lives. Often, this is when we feel some kind of imbalance in this area. These needs won’t go away – no matter what you do!

So let’s address them, but in the most healthful ways. Don’t let your needs drive your behaviour. Switch it around: take control and behave in a way that addresses your needs!

It requires conscious attention and regular maintenance, but tending to your needs – like tending to a budding garden – is so worth it when it all comes together and you bloom.

So come on. Let’s plant those seeds today!

Honestly? Everyone! This is fundamental stuff. Even if you’re feeling amazing, you might want to give some thought to maintaining that awesome vitality.

However, this course could be especially transformative for anyone who feels:

– Tired, lethargic or foggy

– Stressed or overwhelmed

– In any kind of pain – from physical to emotional

– Anxious or depressed

– Overweight or unfit

Or anyone suffering from a range of gut-health conditions – scroll down to read the list!

  • 7 webinars and 7 Q&A sessions to understand the power of natural nutrition and detox to heal your body and take your health and well-being to the next level.
  • Inspirational knowledge and a wealth of resources to tap into at your own leisure – including yummy recipe packs with shopping lists!!
  • A programme to follow to help you reboot your gut, strengthen your immune system, re-energise your body, and emotionally detox.
  • A community of like-minded people to help your journey to health and inspire your growth – you can never have enough friends, right?

Let’s turn I-llness into WE-llness – together!


Get the Resources You Need to Finally Practise

Consistent Self-Care & Feel Your Best

Too often, self-care gets squeezed out. You’re so busy taking care of everyone else, that caring for your own wellbeing is last on the list. If you’re ready to eat better, move more, lower your stress and do it all with a community in your corner… WE-llness Club is for you!

Come get the coaching and support you need to truly care for yourself.

Experience the WE-llness Club

We are a team of professionals here to serve and support you to the best of our ability in our journey to healing and feeling amazing!

  • Nutrition and Health Coaching

    I will be sending you my advice through monthly video coaching. My goal is to empower you, challenge you and reignite your passion for natural and healthy living.

  • Cooking Recipes

    Each month, you’ll get a pack of delicious plant-based recipes plus 3 recoded video recipes, a shopping list for your recipes, tips on cooking techniques, how to veganise dishes, or how to integrate superfoods and healing herbs into your recipes.

  • Monthly Activities

    Whether gentle yoga, dancing around the house, or sweaty fitness classes, we will bring you inspiration to keep moving!

  • Stress-busting Meditations

    Just hit play on any of our guided audio meditations to interrupt spiraling thoughts, de-stress and recentre—in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Friendship & Support

    My private members’ community is a place where you can share with others, get support and stay encouraged (on both good days and bad!).

  • Exclusive offers and bonuses

    You will get first peek at my latest developments, products and services as well as all of my offers and promotions… after all, I love looking after my closest friends first!!