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Vegan nutrition for sustainable weight loss and optimal health

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Sustain Nutrition Co. | Vegan Nutritionist

Vegan nutrition counseling for sustainable weight loss and optimal health

My name is Kelsey! I’m a vegan nutritionist who wants to help you get healthy! I’m a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach with an advanced certification in plant-based diets. Sustain Nutrition Co. was born out of my passion not only for plant-centered living and health, but also for teaching people that living in pain, misery, frustration, and illness should not be normalized. That it’s not your genetics or “just the way you are”. It’s the food you put into your body.

  • I teach people how they can eat in abundance and still lose weight – just like I did
  • Millions of people go on diets every single year and most of those people fail. Why? Because they are taught restriction instead of abundance
  • The Sustain Way works – you will enjoy food, fill your tummy, AND crush your goals

I have been vegan for 6 years – first and foremost for the animals, but also for the environment, for human welfare, and for health. Most people assume veganism equals health.. but in today’s age, it’s easy to go vegan without focusing on health at all. Before I started Sustain Nutrition Co. I was frustrated with my body, confused about what plant-foods to eat, and ready to accept my fate as a life-long junk food vegan. Then, I learned the solution for me. The principles I learned and applied to my life transformed not only my body but my mindset too. For the first time I felt confident and sexy in my own skin. Now, I wake up every day feeling amazing! And you can too. I believe every person deserves to feel healthy, confident, and happy. Let me help you skip the frustration and confusion and finally reach your goals.