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Our Vision

We are not typical wedding photographers, that is for certain! You could say our style is very non-traditional and pretty offbeat. Our approach to shooting is simple; we’ll keep it mostly documentary (you can’t beat a good caught-off-guard expression), capture the action as it unfolds throughout the day, avoid cheesy clichés and let everyone have good old knees up without any interference from us.

We’re constantly pushing ourselves creatively and are incredibly passionate about telling unique stories for each couple, so we aim to go into each wedding with a clear mind and eyes wide open.

If we could describe our work in four words they would be the following: Natural. Emotive. Creative. Honest. We’re also suckers for some awesome light.

Please get in touch if you’re having a vegan wedding and looking for folks who share the same ethical beliefs…and who can provide you with some non-traditional/corny wedding images!

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About Us

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Scottish duo living our best lives in los angeles with our babe-licious rescue bunnies. the sober and vegan lifestyle is our jam, man. we only take life seriously when it really matters (adulting can suck at times!). we have a deep-rooted connection with each other that has spanned for 16 years (and counting) and that’s why we work so well together. it’s quite cute really.

We watch really random tv shows in our spare time and have been known to drink our body weight in kombucha. we are also, unashamedly, harry potter mad. not even sorry. also, stranger things: all the frickin’ heart eyes.

We’re also kinda weird, but in a good way. this includes, but is not limited to, having conversations with small birds on the street, talking at the speed of light when we’re nervous/excited, and treating the bunnies to a day out in their brand new stroller.

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Devout mother of bunnies. iron maiden fanboy. whizz at organization. avid collector of pretty stones and random skull related objects. OCD SUFFERER WITH MAJOR GERMAPHOBIA. obsessed with adaptogens and clean living. DEATH METAL, HEAVY METAL, THRASH METAL, ALL KINDS OF METAL. weirdly excited when presented with a plate of mashed taters and gravy. master guzzler of green juices. KNOWN TO partake in multiple bug rescues to get a good place in heaven. vegan for life. AND LAST, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST: ARTICHOKES AND PERSIMMONS FOREVER AND EVER. AMEN.


Former architect (kinda). bunny father. wannabe goth (despite having an aversion to piercings, chokers, nu rocks and black lipstick). INFATUATED with space and moon stuff. thinks PROGRESSIVE metal MUSIC IS the ultimate ESCAPE, EVEN WHEN IT’S BRAIN-MELTING LOUD. lover of all animals. hater of avocado and multiple fruits. enjoys the smell of coffee (but not the taste). vegan mexican food MAKES HIM A happy little fella. TIK TOK KILLS HIS SOUL, SO DON’T EXPECT ANY OF THOSE SHENANIGANS FROM HIM. ALSOOOOO, PINK HAIR, DON’T CARE IS CURRENTLY THE LIFE MOTTO.

Tippy Lopez + Bill Hopper

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The bestest bunnies in all of the land! introducing bill hopper and lopez, aka MR + MRS PIE, AKA taco and alabama. our furry kids and companions. these two have our hearts, and we don’t know what we would do without them. these two have the run of our house, and are thee most spoilt little beans, like, ever. think expensive organic herbs & greens, rad toys, an array of castles & tunnels, mini ikea beds, air con on full steam, filtered water, and many comfy cushions & mats: only the best for our besties.