Amanda R Riley

Individualized Psychotherapy for Millenial Professionals

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Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed?

Do you struggle to find the coping skills you need to manage everyday life? Life is hard! Trauma, sickness, conflict, and stress can make you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

​Nobody deserves to struggle with their mental health, feeling like they’re alone and out of options. I believe you can fight back against anxiety and depression, learn to manage your symptoms and live a peaceful, happy life.

Let’s Get Started!


Book a free CONSULTATION or appointment. No referral is required.


Gather background information so I can learn about you. Develop individualized TREATMENT GOALS.


As you begin to feel better and learn COPING SKILLS, we can decrease the frequency of sessions.

About Me

Amanda R. Riley, M.A., OAMHP
Registered Psychotherapist
Empathy. Integrity. Recovery.

My Approach: Client-Centred/Shared Decision-Making Model

​A highly collaborative client-centred approach allows clients to choose their direction in therapy and determine what is most important for them to work on within their specific context. This type of approach to therapy aims to guide and support clients, with the belief that clients can identify solutions to their problems with the support of a therapist. Goals are established in partnership with you, and sessions are scheduled at your convenience to discuss and resolve the concerns identified.

​I bring my authentic self to the sessions meaning that my investment in the process, my compassion and even my sense of humour will be present. It is my goal to assist you in finding peace by helping you retrain your brain to process life as it is rather than how you believe it should be. I observe patterns and bring both kind and direct attention to them. The basis of quality psychotherapy is trust. I actively work with my clients to cultivate trust so that I become their partner in healing. I value using a holistic, trauma-informed and individualized approach that employs evidence-based interventions and treatment modalities that appropriately match the needs of my clients.

​My approach is honest, direct and psychoeducational in nature. I hope you learn something new each session, and psychoeducation is a great way to have a tangible takeaway. I offer an unbiased perspective that is client-centred and collaborative. As I encourage you to challenge yourself, I also encourage you to challenge me. It is okay to ask questions! I provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where we work together. I have a warm, authentic disposition and a genuine interest in helping others find and maintain wellness.


Individual Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You.

There is no shame in seeking support. It takes courage to challenge your experiences and see how you can better understand yourself and those around you. I know no two individuals are the same, and I tailor our sessions to address challenges unique to you. We will work together to understand the root cause of your struggles and address those issues with long-lasting strategies, helping you get closer to the life you’ve always wanted. I limit the number of clients I work with, so I can dedicate my expertise and provide you with the time, attention, support and resources you deserve.

Teletherapy/Virtual Services

Secure. Effective. Convenient.

As we continue navigating a global pandemic, video conferencing has become a familiar and necessary tool for work and school. Teletherapy is simply receiving therapy through electronic means whereby the client and clinician are in two different locations. Video sessions are accessed through a secure, PHIPA-compliant video conferencing platform. Accessing the platform is easy, using a one-click link that you will be provided via Email.

Virtual therapy is not new. The technology and infrastructure for Teletherapy have been available since the mid-1990s. More recently, a sizeable meta-analytic study compared clinical interventions and assessments delivered via videoconferencing with those shown in person. Overall, they found that in-person and virtual interventions produced similar outcomes. Likewise, reviews made similar opinions across both treatment delivery modalities (Batastini, 2021).

​Benefits of Teletherapy:​

​● Convenient: works for your busy schedule. Book anywhere, anytime, online.

● All paperwork is completed online; no emailing, scanning or printing is required.

●Psychological Comfort: You only need an internet connection and a quiet, comfortable space.

●Physical Safety: receive therapy in the comfort of your own environment, which decreases your risk of coming into contact with Covid-19.

● Accessible: you get to decide how you want to receive the services- by video or

phone from anywhere you are with any device of your choosing (computer, tablet or smartphone).

● Cost/Time Efficient: save money on gas and travel time.

●Consistent Therapy: decreases absences due to poor weather, illness, car trouble and more.

Clinical Supervision for Psychotherapists

I am trained in different modalities of Clinical Supervision and Consultation. I have been a Clinical Supervisor for advanced and Masters level students since 2013.

​I offer Clinical Supervision and Consultations to Qualifying Psychotherapists, members of the CRPO, and Registered Psychotherapists in the mental health field who are motivated to have a space to reflect on their practice. I consider clinical supervision a self-care practice, professional development and safe and effective use of self.

​My clinical supervision and consultations approach is focused on a collaborative perspective to facilitate reflection and conceptualization, trusting the supervisee’s internal resources, work, and life experiences.