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Outdoor Adventures 🏞️⛷️ Yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️ Plant Based Food 🥗 in the Austrian Alps

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Mountain Vegan Retreat in Austria


MoaAlm Mountain Retreat is a unique place in Europe, situated high in the Austrian Alps. With the focus on being ‘RelaxinglyActive’ we offer holidays that are a healthy balance of fresh air, yoga, mountain activities and great freshly cooked plant based food. A holiday with us at MoaAlm puts you right at the heart of our warm family atmosphere, with dedicated enthusiastic staff in a stylish and cosy living space.

Stylish Moaalm accommodation

Situated at 1800m, MoaAlm offers a superb base from which to explore the breathtaking mountains of East Tirol. Part of the small ‘WearActive’ company, we are the second property that owners Xania and Craig have compassionately converted into an active and relaxing holiday location. With the focus on a personalised holiday experience, MoaAlm provides a space for us to share with you our passion for adventure in the the mountains, alongside a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We offer a diverse range of Alpine activities such as walking in the summer or snowshoe hiking in the winter, combined with daily yoga classes and time to relax in our wood fired hot tub or on our south facing terrace with a glass of local Austrian wine.

We work with the seasons. Life at 1800m changes dramatically throughout the year, so we adapt our holidays to enable you make the most out of our stunning environment:

If you would like to read why our guests loved staying with us:


Guest room at Moaalm

MoaAlm Mountain Retreat, the remote home for your Austrian holiday, stands proud at 1800m in the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Situated just 3km above the small community of Kals am Grossglockner, nestled within the Alps of East Tirol, MoaAlm is a stylishly renovated guest house for a maximum of 12 – 15 guests. After an active day in the outdoors you can enjoy the astonishing mountain views from our sunny south facing terrace and soak in our wood burning hot tub, before enjoying dinner at our shared communal oak dining table.

Please make yourself at home:  Relax, enjoy a drink at the bar, curl up on the sofa with a book, enjoy a meal with your new friends and immerse yourself in beauty of MoaAlm Mountain Retreat.

We have 6 guest rooms. All are thoughtfully decorated and very spacious. The rooms have ensuite bathrooms and stunning views. South facing rooms have balconies and views of the surrounding mountains. All rooms can be made up with a double or two single beds. Two of our bedrooms are also available as triple rooms, which are ideal for families, groups of friend or singles happy to share.

Yoga in the AlpsThe in-house yoga studio has a large panoramic window with gorgeous views of the mountains. Start the day with a morning yoga session with our in house yoga teacher or maybe join a relaxing afternoon restorative class. The morning sunrise fills the room with energy and the late afternoon sunset turns the mountains a beautiful shade of pink. We love this room, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

Heating System

Our boiler system for the central heating is extremely efficient, using only sustainable wooden pellets as fuel and producing very little waste. The thickly insulated walls, newly installed loft and triple-glazed windows in the house ensure that we don’t even need the radiators on all the time during the winter months to stay warm! We encourage guests to be conscious about how they use the lighting and heating in their rooms. Turn off lights, keeping doors and windows closed when heading out for daily adventures.

Solar Panels

Our hot water is heated primarily by our solar panels. Only when there are a lot of consecutive cloudy or rainy days do we need to rely on the boiler system as a back-up. MoaAlm is south facing and we are at 1800m we not only get plenty of sunlight in the summer months, we are also able to utilise the winter sun as long as we keep removing the snow from the solar panels!

Hot Tub

There is nothing better than having a relaxing soak in our hot tub, especially as we avoid the use of chlorine and other chemicals. We keep it clean through a natural salt cleaning system, using Epsom Salts and Dead Sea salt, full of magnesium and especially beneficial for tired legs at the end of a long day of hiking in the Austrian Alps. The hot tub is log-fired, so is only heated by burning sustainable firewood that we source from one of the farmers in the local village.


The growing season is very short up here at MoaAlm as we are at 1800 metre altitude, but we manage to grow a bountiful garden of fresh herbs, chard and lettuce to supplement our tea obsession and provide some of our daily greens. We cook with organic and locally-sourced food where possible. Likewise, we try to get all our other supplies from nearby, independent businesses. We are committed to looking at ways to address our carbon footprint.

Water Supply

We have our own water supply that comes to us directly from a natural spring the mountain side. This means that we don’t have to worry about transporting water up to MoaAlm through a pump system or by vehicle. It tastes incredible, as it comes directly from Grossglockner Glacier and is filtered by nature! Our guests often say it’s the purest water they ever tasted.

Waste Management

We are lucky that there is a fantastic recycling service provided by our local community. We make the most of this service to reduce the amount of landfill that we produce and also try to limit our use of single-use plastics on a day-to-day basis, using glass jars and buying ingredients in bulk. Upstairs in the guest living area we provide a mini recycling station, and we have this in every main area of the house to streamline the recycling. We have a large composting system for food waste, but in general not much food goes to waste around here… it’s too tasty!