Hand Made, Botanical, Natural, Eco-friendly, Vegan, body care products created with care by a herbalist

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Botanical Natural Vegan Skincare

Green Wyse products are all hand made by Dawn, using beneficial herb extracts and natural ingredients.

Dawn is also a qualified medical herbalist and proprietor of ‘The Hawthorn Practice‘, Torquay.

When not working as a medical herbalist, Dawn creates the Green Wyse range of skin and body care products with an emphasis on using health promoting natural ingredients and herbal extracts. No synthetic ingredients are used.

Ethical Policy & FAQs

  • 5% of the profits from Green Wyse & The Hawthorn Practice donated to Firsland Animal Sanctuary, Torquay
  • No animal ingredients or testing
  • Purchasing of supplies from like minded companies
  • Packaging kept to a minimum with the use of re-useable, compostable, eco-friendly and sustainable consumables wherever possible
  • No parabens
  • No SLS
  • No synthetic colours – natural clays provide any colours used
  • No chemical fragrances – essential oils are used instead
  • Plant based preservatives and natural extracts are used including organic grain alcohol herb extracts which are enough to inhibit bacterial growth, but do not dry the skin
  • Products created using solar electric (weather permitting!) and at least 80% renewable electric otherwise.
  • No palm oil
  • Organic plant extracts and ingredients used whenever possible
  • Cottage industry production means low outgoings and overheads, with the cost savings passed to the consumers.

Frequently asked questions

Q. With your mission statement to be as eco-friendly as possible, why are some of your products in plastic containers?

A. We stick to glass and re-usable containers whenever possible, and are constantly searching for better and more eco-friendly packaging such as the cardboard lip balm tubes we have recently introduced. The plastic spray caps are proving the most difficult to find alternatives for, anyone who knows of anything better, please get in touch!

Q. Do you use palm fat in any Green Wyse products?

A. No. Some years ago when the environmental problems associated with the destruction of orang-utans habitats, we stopped using palm oils, creating new recipes to facilitate this.

Q. Do you have a cut off date for animal testing?

A. No. Green Wyse products never have, and never will be tested on animals. We also ensure our ingredients are sourced from like minded companies with a strong environmental and ethical policy, and who are against animal testing.

Q. Some of the ingredients sound like chemical ingredients, what are they?

A. We use natural derived emulsifiers in creams to create a smooth blend of water soluble and fat soluble creams, these are made in a lab, but are all natural. If you are interested in learning more, consider buying my book Herbal Cream Making which goes into more depth.

Q. What is Geogard Ultra listed as an ingredients in some of your creams?

A. This is a gentle non synthetic preservative blend made with gluconolactone (from corn) and sodium benzoate (benzoin salts) often used in food. EU law has changed and it is required to use a preservative in water soluble products. After extensive research we are of the opinion that this is the best one for Green Wyse products, it is vegan registered, non GMO, gentle, low allergen risk, and not derived from petrochemicals.

Q. What are hydrolats?

A. Hydrolats, sometimes known as hydrosols are distillations from the pure plant product, flowers or leaves, in the process of making essential oils, and is distinct from floral waters which may just be water with essential oil and a dispersant added.

Q. What is hyaluronic acid used in your Skin Boost Extra cream?

A. This is a vegetarian version of the type of hyaluronic acid (which is usually derived from chickens combs). Green Wyse uses hyaluronic acid from enzymes in a fermentation process. Hyaluronic acid is a natural constituent of skin and tissue which keeps the moisturised and plumped out look when you are young, as you age, this begins to reduce leading to lines and wrinkles. Using a product containing hyaluronic acid may help reduce the ageing process by keeping the moisture in your skin.

Q. Why aren’t your all products labelled as organic, are they organic?

A. Most of our ingredients are organic, we buy as such whenever we possibly can. Sometimes the availability or cost of the organic ingredient makes it impossible, so we tend to avoid saying its organic as we want to be as open and clear to our customers as possible. Rest assured though, if at all possible, it will be.

Q. Are all your products vegan?

A. Yes, as a personal member of the Vegan Society myself, I have been vegan for nearly 30 years, and every product I make is vegan.