Natural, organic, vegan skincare for conscious people

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Natural, Organic and Vegan Skincare

Rawgaia is a unique natural, vegan skincare brand with a twist! We add organic superfoods to our high quality, award winning, hand made collections.

You will never find any ‘nasties’ in our products, only pure, cold pressed nourishment for beautiful, glowing, skin. You wont find a single cheap filler in any of our products, just pure, raw, healthy, heavenly indulgence.

Rawgaia a small, friendly team and we work hard to bring you skincare that truly works. We absolutely love the fresh sea air breezing through our factory whilst we lovingly hand make the products in small batches near the ocean in Brighton, UK.

We make pure, organic, plant derived skincare by blending the highest quality raw botanical ingredients gently together under low (cold processed) temperatures to formulate exquisite, nourishing skin food.

Our entire product range is suitable for all skin types. However if you would like to find out which products are especially beneficial for your individual skin type, please click the ‘search by skin type’ button at the top right of the product page.

★ Award winning.

★ Consciously manufactured with love in Brighton, UK, by the ocean.

★ Great pride and care taken to create the best superfood skincare possible.

★ Sustainable sourced ingredients.

★ Raw, cold-pressed ingredients used.

★ Cold manufacturing process (no heat phase). Better for you, and the environment.

★ Certified by the Soil Association to COSMOS Organic Standard 2.0.

★ Certified by The Vegan Society.

★ Certified by Cruelty Free International (the Leaping Bunny).

★ Certified by PETA.

★ FREE FROM: Wax, urea, parabens, SLS/SLES, palm oil, microbeads, artificial fragrance, petroleum, synthetic silicones, PEGs and synthetic colours, talc… and HEAT!

★ For added skin nutrition we believe in the power of raw, high vibrational, high life force plant ingredients, with all of their nutrients intact and not destroyed by heat.

Our Process

We hand-make all our products for you with tonnes of love. We really enjoy what we do and get the good vibes into our organic, cold pressed products for you. We listen to great music whilst we blend, pour, mix, grind, weigh, measure, test, bottle and label the products. Getting the powerful, goddess vibes into each and every product is our priority!

All of our superfood skincare that comes packaged in a box should be used within 12 months of opening.

A little goes a very long way, providing excellent value for money, and you might find that one of our 50ml moisturiser can easily last you 4-6 months!

Our Ethical Policy

We operate as ethically, honestly and sustainably as we possibly can, this ethos runs through the entire Jessica Laura Organics company.

  • We source Organic or Wildcrafted ingredients wherever possible
  • We (and our suppliers) never engage in animal testing
  • Suppliers must provide us with their freshest ingredients available
  • We favour locally produced ingredients where possible
  • We never use GMO ingredients as not enough is know about it
  • If we use packaging chips in your order, these are 100% biodegradable and can be added to your compost heap, or these have been recycled from previous packaging
  • Glass bottles and jars used are recyclable
  • We strive to be a carbon neutral company
  • We try and leave as little carbon footprint as we possibly can.
  • We are always trying to think of better ways to help the environment when running the company.

Animal Testing Policy

We are certified with the Leaping Bunny through Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA

Rawgaia Superfood Skincare believes that beauty products should be cruelty free. We are proud to be Leaping Bunny approved. A global programme, Leaping Bunny requires cruelty free standards over and above legal requirements. All of our own brand cosmetic and personal care products are approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme, the internationally recognisable gold standard for cruelty free products. We adhere to a fixed cut-off date policy and proactively monitor our suppliers to ensure that our products continue to adhere to the Leaping Bunny criteria. Our supplier monitoring system is also independently audited.

Jessica Laura Organics Ltd (the manufacturers of Rawgaia Superfood Skincare) have a very strict anti-animal testing policy. Basically we never have and we never, ever will. This applies across all of our skincare ranges, with no exception. We believe that it is a very cruel and unnecessary practise. We are registered with Cruelty Free International, formally known as Leaping Bunny and The Vegan Society.

We are passionate about bring ethical skincare products to the market, and Jessica strongly believes in transparency and honesty with the processes that we adopt. We are also registered to COSMOS Organic Standards with Soil Association Certification.

We test our products on willing human volunteers. Since these are the mammals that will be using the products anyway, it kind of makes more sense.

All of the raw ingredients that we use within the products haven’t been tested on animals either; we get our suppliers to confirm this with us for every batch of raw ingredients purchased. We do this by using a fixed cut off date to ensure that all of our suppliers adhere to this. We require that all of our suppliers complete a legal document that confirms their position on animal testing before we begin purchasing.

We are members of The Vegan Society, who are as passionately against animal testing as we are. This also means that all products are vegan and contain absolutely no animal derived ingredients – plants only!

And just to be entirely clear, we don’t pay other companies to animal test on our behalf either. Animal testing is just something that we are not a part of.