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Organic Vegan Skincare


Pure Botanical Ingredients

Yin Yang Skincare products are formulated with pure botanical ingredients, often organically produced, and naturally occurring minerals. Since we began manufacturing skincare products in 1973, Yin Yang has refused to use chemical additives, colourants or artificial fragrances. We use only preservative systems that are free of parabens and other controversial chemical components..

With over 40 years of experience in formulating and manufacturing botanical skincare products, we invite you to try Yin Yang’s light and delicate emulsions of pure spring water, fragrant essential oils, and nourishing plant oils & proteins, which simultaneously nourish and hydrate the skin.


Our customers have been using Yin Yang Skincare products for over 40 years, but we continue to adhere to stringent safety procedures in formulating and manufacturing our products. Yin Yang formulations are checked for their safety of use prior to manufacture by a firm of consultant chemists, and thereafter all products are tested for freedom from microbial activity and for their ability to withstand microbial invasion under normal usage patterns.


Yin Yang Skincare Botanical Products

Yin Yang Skincare botanical products are formulated to work with the skin, by maintaining and restoring the skin’s protective acid mantle. Acidification is important for the maintenance of the skin’s barrier function. The ecology of the normal healthy microflora that inhabit the skin is determined by the presence of moisture, oils and the gaseous environment of the skin.

Experts in Skin Science & Health

To ensure that our natural skincare products remain amongst the most effective in the market we seek scientific and medical advice from leading experts in skin science and health. For advice about the skin’s bio-chemistry & physiology we are supported by leading cell biologist, Professor Desmond Tobin of Bradford University – an international authority on the skin’s barrier function.

Dr Alison Layton, Consultant Dermatologist for Harrogate & North Yorkshire NHS Trust provides advice about common dermatological conditions including acne and rosacea. Dr Layton is a member of the European Expert Panel for Acne and the Global Alliance Steering Group for Acne. Dr Sarah Brewer – a renowned doctor and nutritionist provides expert opinion on the interdependence of the skin and whole body health.

Skin Health & pH

To remain in peak condition it appears that the skin requires a pH of around 5.0 or slightly lower: at pH 4.0-4.5 resident skin bacterial flora have been shown to remain securely attached to the skin surface, whereas these detach from the skin at pH 8-9, which is typical of European tap water and many shampoos and soaps.


Yin Yang is the name of a school of philosophy that emerged in China some 3,000 years ago. It is based on the understanding that the perfect Universe is a result of the balance created by two great opposing, but complemenary forces, Yin and Yang. Katie May interpreted the skin’s endless cycle of cellular renewal against a background of challenge from environmental and lifestyle factors, in the context of this ancient philosophy.

You may recognise Yin as female and Yang as male, or Yin as dark and cool while Yang is light and hot, but Yin and Yang also represent physical states like acid and alkaline. The skin has a mildly acidic surface area – the acid mantle – with a pH in the region of 5,0. This is designed to protect the outer layer of the body from attack and invasion, and it is the environment best suited to the microflora of healthy bacteria that inhabit the skin surface. However external factors including pollution, soaps, shampoos and tap water can alter the pH balance, raising it into the alkaline sphere, thus weakening the skin’s natural defences.

Katie understood that with proper care, the skin would maintain its protective acid mantle and defensive microflora of healthy bacteria, to remain in the perfect condition to be able to deal with all environmental assaults. An ardent advocate of healthy eating as part of any skincare routine, Katie’s byline for Yin Yang Skincare, and her understanding of human skin is one in the same: Naturally Balanced Perfection.

The Yin Yang symbol, representing the ceaseless cycle of day into night, is a fitting logo for a skincare product philosophy based on the life-long cycle of cellular renewal that is the pattern of human skin.


Katie May, Founder of Yin Yang Skincare

Katie May is the founder of Yin Yang Skincare and with over 40 years of designing and formulating pure botanical products, Katie continues to drive the style and development of our products.

Katie’s interest in skincare began at the very start of the 1970s, when after a first career in the aviation sector, working on the Concorde project, Katie embarked on a two year programme focused on the use of plant materials and fermentation techniques in the food sector. As she came to understand the techniques that could release valuable amino acids from plant proteins, Katie realised that here was a technology that could be incorporated into skincare products, to nourish the young skin cells with the very building blocks of all protein.

An interest in essential oils and herbs and their production in organic farming systems followed, and from this fusion the Yin Yang range of products was created.

Based at Beechgrove Herb Garden on the Oxfordshire Gloustershire borders, Katie continues to research the science of botanical actives in the care of the skin. If you have queries about caring for your skin or questions about Yin Yang products, Katie would be happy to hear from you: email her at katie.may@yinyangskincare.co.uk

Monica Savage, Senior Yin Yang Skincare Consultant

Monica nurses within the NHS and has developed a number of specialist fields within the profession while practising in locations around the World as diverse as Dubai, Lebanon, Australia and United States.

Monica found Yin Yang Skincare in 1977 and joined the company in 1979 in order to advise women throughout the UK about the importance and benefits of practising good skin care. Whilst working with Yin Yang, Monica undertook an ITEC course in Massage Therapy and a Nutrition Course. Monica returned to full time nursing in 1987, practising largely in the USA before returning to the UK in 2006, shortly after which she began supporting Yin Yang once again.

Since finding Yin Yang Skincare in 1977, Monica has only used Yin Yang products on her skin, and has maintained a keen interest and frequent involvement in Yin Yang since that time.

Skincare Consultants

Yin Yang Skincare consultants are experienced beauty therapists (with CIBTAC or equivalent qualifications). Our consultants are able to provide practical advice on practising and maintaining an holistic skincare routine, as well as being expert in the features and practical applications for the Yin Yang range of botanical skincare products.

Yin Yang Skincare consultants hold regular skincare clinics in retail outlets stocking Yin Yang Skincare products, across the UK. Please go to Skincare Surgeries to check if shop that is convenient to you is holding a Yin Yang Skincare Surgery. If there is not a store convenient to you holding a Yin Yang Skincare Surgery, please ask a local department store, pharmacy or health products store to contact us and we will be happy to arrange a surgery in your area.