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Powerful multinutrient supplement range to help you live your life at your peak.

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Vegan Supplements

About Peak Spirit

At Peak Spirit, we believe we have created the ultimate multinutrients packed full of vitamins, designed to help you cope with the demands of modern living. Our expert Biochemist Nutritionist and pharmacist have helped create three separate advanced multinutrient formulations specifically designed to target a certain area. We have been dedicated to making sure each individual ingredient has been researched and carefully selected to focus on and optimise specific areas of the body, meaning you get the most out of it.

We understand that busy lives can sometimes lead to forgetful minds and so we provide a flexible monthly subscription, meaning your box arrives at your doorstep each month with no hassle on your side. Simple.

We are committed to making sure that you live your life to the fullest, feeling your best. All of our products are Vegan approved that means they are vegan supplements, providing you with the best vitamins, minerals and plant extracts meaning no nasty stuff.

Our Story


We set up Peak Spirit because we experienced first-hand the benefits of lifestyle and nutrition on health.

We’re pharmacists by trade, but nutrition has always been our passion. In fact, the nutritional advice we gave was often more popular with our customers than what the doctor had ordered. It was time to start helping people on a bigger level.  Peak Spirit was born.

So too was our family. The truth is when you have children of your own you realise how amazing the human body is and you want to make the world a better place for them. We became even more committed to being a real force for good and changing the way people saw their health.

Our mission is to support the human body in all its natural wonder. With plant powered multinutrients that help you feel your best every day. We’re fed up of seeing people bogged down in fatigue and burnt out.

Let’s aim for 100%. Let’s be awesome every day.

Our Ethical Game Plan

Come rain or shine, these principles run through everything we do:

For Everyone

Delivering direct to you means we can give you the best value. Plus it means we get to know our regulars. Like Jim from Basingstoke.

Backed by Science

What you put in your body is a big deal. So, we bring in the heavyweights – scientists, nutritionists and industry experts – to give everything we do the triple thumbs up.

Original Formulations

You’ll always get something different with us. We create our own formulations, based on real life need, not generic recipes.

Small Feet

We keep our carbon footprint small by making all our products in England, with British manufacturers. Jolly good.

Simple & Effective

There’s more to life than shopping for vitamins. So we’ll always be helpful, keep the process simple and make our products as effective as possible.