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Vegan T-Shirts in Canada

It all started with a Vegan inspired rough sketch of a Veg V with a heart in it, that quickly turned into a permanent Vegan tattoo, which led to the idea to develop a passionate brand for Vegans and animal lovers, that celebrates and promotes Veganism and animal rights through unique artwork, messages and products that allow you to proudly display your passion with our compassion fashion, that shouts out for animals and their rights.


When any garment is made without the products of any animal, then it is known as vegan clothing. In order to make sure that you are going with vegan clothing fabrics, you need to avoid clothes made up of leather, silk, feather, fur, horn, bone, cashmere, wool, shearling, shahtoosh, snakeskin, angora etc. To confirm that the cloth you are buying is vegan in nature, you need to read the labels on them so that you can at least know what they are made up of. Look for materials that are natural and plant-based like cotton and linen.

VHC is focused on giving our customers the best prices on premium quality print on demand products with original unique designs, while using the most environmentally friendly fabrics and print processes that we can.

Some stores sell the cheap, scratchy, box cut fabric T-Shirts with less environmentally friendly processes for a little less money. We prefer to sell the soft, comfy, better fitting quality fabric T-Shirts to our valued customers. Vegan Hearts Club wants you to be comfortable, while looking good and sending a message with the designs you choose from our product lines.

An Introduction to Vegan Hearts Club

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Vegan Hearts Company serves the area of North America and Canada, where they sell their awesome Vegan Clothes and Accessories. Starting out from a small position, they have slowly grown to be the behemoth of the industry they currently are, and throughout the process, they have remained famous for using only materials that do not harm the Earth, that is, environment-friendly materials.

VHC will also be offering a budget friendly line of accessory products, that are focused on animals, nature, plants, love and compassion… for those who need to stretch their dollar a little further. We want you, our valued customers, to have choices that best suit you and your lifestyle.

Vegan Hearts Club, a company of Vegans FOR Vegans, is determined to inspire positive changes for animals and we are committed to donating 10% of all profits to organizations fighting to change laws and regulations, that will better protect animals from suffering human cruelty.

Vegan Hearts Club is the best choice if you wish to wear vegan clothes. We have designed Animal Rights clothes Canada and many other T-shirts based on themes that promote a cruelty-free world for the animals. Our wide variety of collections would cater to all of your fashion needs and our soft and comfortable fabric would give you the t-shirt of your dreams.

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We hope you’ll join our compassion fashion community and help us spread awareness, while Vegan Hearts Club works to raise money to fight for better protections for ALL animals.

All over their servicing area, Vegan Hearts Club is known for having some of the very best designs. Unlike most other apparel companies, Vegan Hearts Club does not just use any design from anywhere that looks even the least attractive, and indeed only uses designs made by their own designers.

This has made them one of the most reputed apparel companies. All of their designs are made in house, and while this may sound average, most customers say that this actually increases the quality of the designs, as Vegan Hearts Club has some of the best designers in the entire Vegan Clothes industry.

We ARE Change! BE change! RISE UP!!! The VEGAN (r)EVOLUTION is here!

ps – we will put our designs on just about any kind of clothing. If you don’t see what you want, please just email us at


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