How vegan must a business/ service/sanctuary/organization be?

What does 100 % vegan mean?

We are committed only to hosting listings that claim to be 100% vegan. The philosophy of the organisation should promote veganism and the business/ organisation owner should also be a vegan. However, as we are not the “vegan police,” we cannot always confirm any listing’s claims to complete veganism.

It means that the business/ service/ sanctuary/ organization does not consciously buy/eat/consume/wear/use anything that contains meat, dairy, eggs, honey or, simply put, exploit animals.

We are aware that, strictly speaking, no business/ service/ sanctuary/ organization can be 100 % vegan because we cannot always avoid hurting sentient life (say, when we walk on the grass or when we drive a car made with materials that have harmed animals, or when we buy grain whose harvesting also harms animals, or when we feed a non-vegan pet). Veganism is about the choices we consciously make not to exploit sentient life.