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14 years saving lives

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Animal Sanctuary

Hello and welcome!

I am Elena Tova, founder and director of the first animal sanctuary in Spain, which is currently the El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation.

I am very happy that you visit us in this “virtual home” that is our website and I hope you enjoy everything we have prepared to show you.

Between all of us we have created a space free of speciesism: an animal sanctuary within whose physical limits they are neither consumed nor advertised as products.

Its facilities are adapted according to the needs and interests of each individual and according to their personal characteristics. Protection spaces or parks where different species coexist in peace and harmony, without cages or fences that hold us back or isolate us from each other.

There are 30 hectares of immeasurable beauty in which some animals now live happily that were victims of situations of exploitation, abandonment or extreme suffering:

The lands of Peace

Discover Home

The El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation is the non-profit NGO that created the first animal sanctuary in Spain more than fourteen years ago.

We are all activists and we want to improve this world, especially for the most disadvantaged who, currently by number, are animals.
Since then, we have kept our basic pillars intact with the aim of achieving a fairer and healthier society for all animals (human and non-human).

These pillars are built on the basis of:

  • the defense of the rights of all animals,
  • the promotion of veganism as a way of life and
  • the support of all those groups that, in one way or another, are rejected or mistreated in our current society.

The El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation does not receive any type of subsidy from the public administration, so we depend exclusively on those, like you, who believe that another world is possible.

There are several ways to help, which we will tell you about below.

Your support is essential for our day to day.

Contribute and join the change!


Any help is welcome, necessary, and greatly appreciated. From 1 euro a month, you can help, wherever you are.
You can also sponsor the inhabitant you want, become a collaborating member or make a one-time donation with a card, transfer, check or electronic banking.

The materials and / or goods of use are also very well received and used for our day to day.

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In our dreams there are several projects to develop, projects devised from the heart to create a sustainable, empathetic and supportive world. Some are taking their first steps, others have already been consolidated and the rest are still under development, gathering the necessary resources to start them up.

We would love for you to get to know them first hand. We are very proud of them.

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The Home offers you a special, unique place surrounded by nature: La Cabaña – Hospedaje Solidario.

There you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, contemplate nature, read, write, relax, take a massage or practice yoga, as well as visit the inhabitants of the Sanctuary. You will be our guest and we will take care of you like never before. It will be your little piece of paradise, are you coming to La Cabaña de El Hogar?

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The hut


Thanks to the selfless collaboration of the volunteers, the Hogar Animal Sanctuary can continue to function. Sanctuary animals need to be protected and cared for. Volunteers take care of that.

There are different types of volunteering: during single days, resident volunteering, online volunteering, in events and awareness …

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Also through events we spread veganism, we teach those who want to know more or those who have not yet taken the step and with the benefits that are obtained, we continue to help those who need it most.

Events are an incredible way to get to know each other and to exchange ideas and opinions. Throughout our journey, we have created and enjoyed countless events.

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In our store you can find products with animalistic designs of our inhabitants.
With your purchase, you help us keep the feeders always full, the facilities suitable for our inhabitants and contribute to veterinary expenses.

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These companies that we call our hearts, are those that in one way or another, help us. Either with economic contributions, products or spreading a sustainable, empathetic way of life and in harmony with the environment.

If you buy any of their products, a percentage of the profit goes to El Hogar and thus, you are helping twice.

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Dissemination is a priority. Make known, raise awareness, disseminate, tell and share, today more than ever, we can do it with the push of a button.

Spread veganism, spread that a better world is possible, that all is not lost, that we all have something to contribute and add to this new paradigm shift … spread as you want, but always from the heart!

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