Santuario Capra Libera Tutti

A place where dignity is restored and the life of every animal is preserved

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Refugio per animali

What is the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary?

The Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary is not just a physical place that houses about 200 animals . Nor is it just the place where these animals have the opportunity to continue living in harmony and freedom .

The Sanctuary is also a collector of stories, ours. The story of little lambs saved from Easter lunch, the story of friendship between living beings, the story of a house full of animals that look out the window .

My story, Massimo: a breeder who understood that there was something wrong with what he was doing. The story of a commitment, that of dedicating one’s life to set an example and to tell all these stories that the Sanctuary contains.

How can you help us?

To ensure that each animal in the Sanctuary can eat and receive the care and attention it needs, around € 100 is needed every single day.

If after so many years we are still able to host everyone and welcome new guests into the family, it is only thanks to the thousands of people who decide to make a contribution .

Every single donation, even the smallest and most symbolic, makes a difference for the Sanctuary.

Do you want to contribute to giving another day of joy and freedom to the animals of Capra Libera Tutti? You can make a donation of the amount you prefer.

Visit the page and find out all the ways to help the shrine.

Who is behind the sanctuary?

Whether it is a sheep, a rabbit or a pig, animals are the beating heart of the Sanctuary. Here they have free will, the ability to go wherever they want, even to go away and never come back.

And sometimes they do, they go to the mountains, out of bounds. The wonderful thing, however, is that they always come back, by their own will.

There are no fences or limitations here, and crazy bonds are built between animals that last for a lifetime.

Then there are the activists and activists. Wonderful human beings who devote time and energy to help us raise funds, organize and manage events, raise awareness of vital issues.

I, Massimo, am the keeper of this place.

Let me quickly tell you how I got here.

A distorted love

Since I was a child I wanted to spend my time with animals, I asked for nothing else. At 14, after finishing middle school, I started working in a shop that sold them.

When the circus came to my part, I ran away and spent the whole day there. I took care of the protagonists of what, only now, I consider horrendous shows.

I already saw a house full of animals looking out the window.

At 30, I decided to do what for me was an important leap towards animals: buy land to become a breeder .

I had dwarf rabbits, Persian cats, chicks and sheep. I used to sell those animals to shopkeepers and, even though I realized that a bond was being established between me and them, I pretended not to have anything to do with it.

At that moment that was good for me and it was until, 6 years later, an event changed everything.

For many years I have used animals, as everyone does.

The revolution from a mother’s cry As soon as the lambs were sold, the mothers began to cry in despair. This went on without interruption for a week and I was spending the night with my hands over my ears and wondering “What have I done?” .

I had taken their children away, I felt like a monster. Somehow I managed to contact that cattle dealer and buy back the lambs for double the price. I tried to picture myself in the cage where I kept those poor animals. Would I have liked to live all my life locked in there?

After these questions and after researching what happens in slaughterhouses, I decided that I would never eat a piece of meat again. I would no longer contribute to that sick system .

Today, over 10 years later, I am still a breeder by law, but for the 200 or so animals I live with, I hope to still be able to enjoy the life they love so much .

Here at the Sanctuary, the days are not marked by the clock invented by man, but by the natural one of each animal.

Now that house with the animals looking out the window that I dreamed of as a child is a reality.

Each guest of the sanctuary lines up. Always in the same order, always at the same time.

When an animal is fine, it never skips the window appointment.

On their side

For people who come here for the first time it is a surreal place. Often they are afraid of it, but then in the evening they don’t want to leave anymore.

Those days for many represent the crossroads that lead them to a life in which animals are travel companions and no longer food.
Days when you don’t come to spend time. One comes to pass over to their side.